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Types of Article Writing

There exist multiple types of article writing with their specific templates, requirements, and peculiarities. When writing articles, a student should first determine and understand the needed type since this choice will influence other elements of the assignment, including the length, tone, paper structure, and vocabulary. In its turn, the type depends on the goal, audience, and target readers.

Generally, articles are used for informing, persuading, entertaining, and explaining/ describing a topic or issue. To achieve its goal, an article can use an academic, casual, business, or creative tone. The level of writing does matter, as well. Writing an article assignment for high school will significantly differ from writing a marketing article for a company.

A good article is a well-focused piece of writing with a clear and logical structure. The way of presenting your thoughts will depend on the intended message and goal of your paper. Now, let us determine the main types of articles:

  • Persuasive
  • Expository
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive

Below, you will find some useful tips on how to write good articles.

Persuasive Articles


As the term suggests, in a persuasive article, you have to convince your reader that you are right and your viewpoint is sound. The writer’s opinion is at the center of this academic writing; the task is to make other people believe you. To achieve the aim, the writer should use heavy guns of telling arguments and compelling reason.


We have summarized the goals of this type of article for your convenience:

  • Build a convincing and holistic argument;
  • Communicate your idea in a clear and understandable manner;
  • Use reliable sources to support your arguments.

A smart brain and a sharp tongue are secret tools of a good persuasive article writer.


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Expository Articles


Expository articles are the most widespread types of articles. They focus on the subject and almost completely exclude the writer’s opinion. In this article, you inform the reader about a certain topic or issue looking at it from different perspectives without prioritizing any. The writer strives to educate the reader on the chosen topic instead of convincing them of anything. The majority of news articles and textbooks are expository in nature.


  • To explain the topic of choice;
  • To provide details and facts;
  • To educate the reader.

Remember, there is no place for personal opinion in expository papers.

Narrative Articles


A narrative article tells a story. Probably, it is the most creative type of writing. You will have no article writing template; instead, follow the white rabbit of your imagination and inspiration.


  • To tell a fascinating or useful story.



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Descriptive Articles


In such articles, you are supposed to dive deep into details to describe the topic of choice. The most important suggestion is, “Be specific! Always be specific!” General phrases will not suffice.

Found your muse and make your description a piece of art be it a description of a person, place, event, or a small thing.


  • To help the reader visualize the object of your description.

In this piece, invite your target audience to step into your shoes and see the world with your eyes.

More Article Writing Tips

If the Force is with you, and you want to write articles on your own, use the article writing tips provided above. Since your writing experience is limited (as compared to professional article writers), you have to know how to avoid the main mistakes that students make when preparing their papers.

  • Ensure that the tone, level of formality, and style of your piece match your topic, message, purpose, and target audience. Do not try to imitate newspaper articles or blogs; write in your own manner.
  • Be clear and specific. Of course, you will provide some background information but go forward to details.
  • If you are writing an article or article critique for a specific periodical or website, you should ensure that your piece will match it and will be written according to high academic standards.
  • Avoid hasty writing and empty talks. The reader always expects to read quality and worthy pieces of writing, and such neglectful behavior will result in general disappointment and thus your failure. Always re-read and edit your paper a few times. If you can, ask your friend or professor to look the article through and make suggestions.
  • Do not use unreliable information and uncertain data. If you want your reader to believe you, use only credible sources to support your argument. Make your article writing order a masterpiece.
  • Polish your article before submission. The goal of proofreading is to ensure that your vocabulary and writing patterns are perfect.

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