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Writing a narrative essay outline can become a great challenge if you don’t have enough time or writing skills for doing it. Luckily, you don`t need to struggle with this project on your own because our writing company is always at your disposal. But before we tell you why cooperation with our writing service is a great solution, let`s figure out what is an outline for narrative essay. First and foremost, you should understand that a narrative essay is a piece of academic writing, which aims to tell a story about something.

A narrative essay can be written on anything. For instance, you may write such a paper on an interesting episode from your childhood, a meaningful day in your academic career, or about your close person. Ideally, your narrative essay should inform your reader about the life lessons you have learned from your past experiences. Very often, such a paper helps the audience learn more about the writer, his or her achievements, values, and beliefs. To write such a paper well, you will need to create an essay outline that will help you keep your paper focused and thesis-driven. Without an outline, you won`t be able to keep your ideas in a logical flow, which will greatly affect the quality of your document. Unfortunately, many students underestimate the significance of the outline ignoring the fact that a topic outline is an important organizational instrument that allows making the paper clear, concise, and well-structured. If you want to receive a good grade for your narrative essay, outline writing should become an integral part of your writing process. However, if you feel that writing an outline for a narrative essay is not something you can do well, do not hesitate to contact our writing service and we will provide you with a document that will bring you the best grade. We assure you that the writing experts working in our team know how to create brilliant outlines for narrative essays and other academic papers. If you entrust your outline assignment to us, you will receive a unique piece that will be tailored to your guidelines and instructions. Here, at Master-Dissertation.com, we maintain the highest quality standards helping our customers relax and forget about their academic problems. Believe it or not, but we have already provided our customers with hundreds of outlines for narrative essays bringing them the bestgrades. So, if you are interested in dealing with a reliable writing platform, we assure you that cooperation with our team will exceed your expectations because we know the key outline strategies and techniques allowing us to impress the most demanding customers. We guarantee that your decision to buy narrative essays online at our writing center will be absolutely rewarding!

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Learn More About Narrative Essay Format Outline

Below, you will find a common narrative essay format outline that should be followed precisely if you want to succeed with this task. No matter what the topic of your outline is, it should include the parts mentioned below:

  • A hook. In academic writing, it is particularly important to engage the reader from the very first line. A statement or an idea that performs this function is called a hook. When it comes to writing a narrative essay, a hook can be compelling, moving, or personal thing, that will help you catch the reader`s attention;
  • A thesis. You probably know that a thesis statement is a central idea of every academic paper that should appear at the end of an introduction. In its essence, a thesis is an arguable statement that briefly describes the main scope of the paper. Your outline should definitely include a thesis statement because it is a basis for any essay;
  • Introduction. The main goal of the introductory paragraph is to provide the reader with sufficient background information in order to help them understand what is the paper about. Since the introduction is the first part seen by your reader, you need to do your best to make a good impression;
  • Setting. Pay attention that the characteristic feature of your narrative essay is that it should tell the story. As such, the introduction should be followed with the information about the setting in which the story took place;
  • Additional details. Next, you need to elaborate on your story providing your reader with more details on it. Pay attention that to help your reader enjoy your essay, you will need to use vivid language and make your personal experiences sound interesting;
  • Characters. In order to understand your story better, your readers need to learn more about the main characters. Make sure to discuss their motivation and personal traits in order to help your audience figure out what role do they play in your story;
  • Culmination. A narrative essay usually has a culmination that should also be mentioned in your paper outline. Basically, it is the main thing or lesson you want to tell to your audience;
  • Conclusion. As well as many other academic papers, your narrative essay should have a concluding part that will just wrap up your story without introducing new details.

We assure you that this format can be applied in writing a narrative essay outline on any topic. Now, it`s time to learn how to create a college essay outline.

How to Write a Narrative Essay Outline: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to find out how to write a narrative essay outline? Find the efficient guidelines below:

  • Choose a good topic for your paper. The topic for your narrative essay should be interesting, accurate, and relevant. Ideally, it should bring you moral satisfaction to write on this topic;
  • Brainstorm your ideas. To create a good outline, you should clearly understand what points you would like to include in your paper. As such, we highly recommend you brainstorm your ideas making outline notes since it will help you avoid spontaneous writing;
  • Write your outline following the classic structure. This means that you should include a catchy introduction, a detailed main body, and a strong conclusion;
  • As soon as your outline is written, you should review it making sure it is absolutely free from any mistakes.

We assure you that by applying your creativity and following our guidelines, you will be able to write an impeccable piece. However, if you feel that writing a narrative essay outline is not one of our strengths, do not hesitate to make an order at our writing company and we will handle the

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Narrative Essay Outline Example

Below, you will find a narrative essay outline example that will help you understand how a good outline should look like:


  • Hook. Opening scene: My friend comes to my house telling me about his final recovery from cancer.
  • Introductory background. Two years ago, my friend Kate was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Thesis. When I have learned about my friend`s diagnosis, I have reviewed my values and beliefs.


  • Setting: Description of the room full of sunlight, which makes our conversation even more inspiring.
  • Characters: Description of my friend and her personal traits, which helped her to overcome illness;
  • Unfolding of action: My friend`s experience has helped me appreciate my life and the people surrounding me. I have understood that every day of my life is a precious gift that should not be neglected.


  • Restatement of a thesis. Sometimes, life situations allow us to change our beliefs and values.
  • Lessons learned: Now, I know that there is a way out of the most hopeless situations.

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