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What Is a Term Paper?

It is recommended to properly understand what a term paper is before starting to work on this assignment. The main difference between a term paper and any other type of research assignment is that the former is a far longer piece of academic writing that is normally assigned to students to work throughout the whole semester. Therefore, term papers are usually submitted at the end of the semester. The main goal of writing a college term paper is to evaluate students` general understanding of the learned material as well as check how well a student can practically apply the acquired knowledge.

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Sometimes, however, a term paper may really resemble a research paper in its format, specifically when the term paper topics predominantly deal with the already existent research. In this case, you have to spend more time on a critical analysis of the research case and its brief summation.

Working on a Term Paper Outline

It is strongly recommended to start the writing process with a term paper outline. The outline is really helpful in the writing process as it works as a backbone for your paper in terms of its structure as well as a roadmap when it comes to the very writing process. When you want to be more confident about what parts of a term paper to develop, check out the following information:

  1. Title page. It is also called a cover page and it should include the student`s full name, the course name, course number, instructor`s name, and the date of submission.
  2. Abstract page. Here you should provide a brief and concise overview of your term paper. Moreover, you should shortly focus on the findings and key conclusions, i.e. where the paper is heading. The abstract should be both catchy and informative enough to make the target readers want to read your piece of research.
  3. Introduction. This is the opening paragraph that should begin with the statement of the topic, with the justification of the topic’s importance, and other relevant ideas. Be sure that you identify a specific plan of action and include it in the thesis statement.
  4. The main body. As a rule, it comprises separate sections, chapters or body paragraphs. Each of the constituent parts should be devoted to a separate idea or aspect of the topic. Keep in mind that the arguments you put forward should be properly justified. Therefore, provide relevant examples and come up with supporting evidence.
  5. Research results. In this section, be sure to provide a clear explanation of your research, how you managed to reach specific results, whether you have transformed the topic, and how have you changed the course of research throughout the process.
  6. Discussion. The discussion of your research topic should logically end with a concise summary and conclusion. Be sure not to introduce any new subtopics or concepts into the conclusive paragraph. You should just re-emphasize the most important facts or findings and draw the attention of your readers to the essential matters once again.

Aspects of a Term Paper Format

When it comes to term paper format, you should take into consideration the citation style required by your professor as well as the paper length and its division into chapters or sections. Be sure that you are consistent with one citation style that is assigned by your professor. Normally, when you are working on a term paper, you may be asked to format it in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago citation styles. APA and MLA are the most widely assigned, so check out their peculiarities:

  • APA format is mainly used for social sciences. When you format sources in APA style, you need to include the authors` names, the year of publication, the name of the source, the publisher, and the location.
  • MLA format is predominantly used for humanities and liberal arts. Be sure to mention the author`s name, the date of publication, and the publisher`s location.

How to Write a Term Paper Proposal

The initial step towards writing a successful term paper is to start it with a term paper proposal.

If your professor has not provided you with a specific template or a sample, just follow the general template provided below:

  • Title. Come up with a title to your term paper – it may be a draft title so far – be sure that you will be able to modify it throughout the process.
  • Objectives. Outline the research objectives clearly. This paper part should pinpoint what outcomes of the research you are aiming at.
  • Significance of findings and their relevance to the subject area. Make sure that you rely on updated sources that are new and relevant to your topic. It will help you catch the attention of the target readers and make the topic appealing.

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