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There are particular skills required for carrying out research. No matter how good you are at composing essays, reports, research papers, or other texts, or how good your research proposal formatting skills are, you may run into difficulty when conducting research. This is because a researcher needs to be able to think critically and select solid evidence concerning their topic. Therefore, no matter how good you are at putting ideas onto paper, a lot of pre-writing preparatory work is needed to produce a sound research paper.

What are Research Proposals?

Research proposals are coherent and concise summaries of a research project you intend to conduct. These papers explain the topic or subject area or the thesis you will work on. They also cover the points below (in brief terms):

  • A broad description of the area or field of study the research effort falls into;
  • The topic’s present status e.g. has the topic recently been the subject of debate?
  • How or why the intended research is unique.

In summary, whether you get research proposal writing assistance from professional writers or write your own, it may be considered that a research proposal constitutes the most critical paper you may write – alongside your application. It is an opportunity for the writer to demonstrate he or she possesses the knowledge and skills to address the research topic and undertake the required work. It is also their chance to show they can write a research proposal abstract and the other parts of a proposal in a reasonably effortless manner.

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As well as the three components mentioned above, an educational authority will also use the proposal to assess:

  • how good the writer’s English communication skills are
  • how well they are able to articulate complex concepts or ideas
  • why they are interested in exploring a particular topic at the specific university they have targeted.

Therefore, it is important an authority can ascertain that the student’s interests, topic or subject, and their efficiency meets the criteria of the university.

Seven Essential Elements of a Research Proposal

Ideally, writing a research proposal entails these seven important parts:

    • Cover or title page: This provides the reader with essential information about the research proposal. Often, proposals are only accepted because of their interesting titles. If there is an excessive number of applications, a proposal may be judged by its title.
    • The paper’s abstract: This is a concise 100-word to 150-word summary of the proposal’s purpose. Clearly, a proposal’s abstract needs to be professionally written since it is the part that encourages readers to read on to the end. This should clearly say what the proposed research is about and why it matters.

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  • The context of the research: In this section, the writer is expected to provide an explanation of the contextual background of their proposed research work. Describe briefly the overall scope and area into which the proposed research falls and clearly describe what is currently known about the subject or topic as well as any recent debates or works related to it. These explanations can assist the writer in establishing an acquaintance in or with their chosen subject or field, and also improve their skill at communicating their knowledge in a clear and concise manner.
  • The research problem/question: A well-presented research proposal needs to set out the central question to be discussed at length in the planned research paper. This is crucial and it is the aspect that will decide whether the proposal or application is successful or not.
  • The method(s) by which the research will be conducted: A research proposal should also describe the method(s) that will be used for carrying out the research together with a description of the main resources to be used in the course of the work.
  • Why this research is important: Another thing the proposal should explain is how or why the research is relevant in the present context. Educational authorities like you to show how your proposed research is important in the wider context of its field and/or to society as a whole.
  • References/bibliography: Last but not least there should be a short bibliography at the end. This lists any works that are used in or important to the project’s topic.

How to Write a Research Proposal – Our Top Tips!

Whether or not you already know how to write a research proposal, there are certain techniques (or tips) that writers can use to improve the content and appearance of their research proposals, as follows:

  • Keep the language simple. Use non-technical descriptions. Do not use jargon. This helps readers to better understand your paper and, therefore, your proposal will benefit.
  • Stress how your intended research can positively influence other disciplines. The committee, panel, or board with the final say regarding your research proposal will often be made up of people from various disciplines. Therefore, demonstrating it has a multidisciplinary dimension can help win approval.
  • Use facts sparingly and keep this part simple: Avoid trying to explain or justify facts and figures in an overly explicit manner. You should certainly quantify necessary aspects where possible but, remember, your readers will be sufficiently educated to digest your paper’s data.

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