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At, our writers’ team is well versed in the main principles of academic writing. We do not only provide assistance with essay and research paper writing but we also provide questions and answers writing service for students of all studying levels. We can cope with any question-answer assignments: starting with tests and short answers to open-ended questions that require extended answers. Apart from providing answers to the questions written from scratch, we also provide answer-question writing help in the form of samples, examples, and guidelines on how to write a proper paper. On the whole, there are numerous cases and reasons why it is a good idea to turn to us for professional help.

Our Company Provides the Following Range of Services:

  1. Question-answers. When ordering a question-and-answer service, you will get a clearly organized set of answers to the list of questions uploaded with your paper requirements. A fundamental feature of this assignment type is that each answer should be written separately starting from the new paragraph. In such types of question-answer papers, each answer is quite long some of the answers may even look like a short composition or essay. At the same time, the other organization is also possible the answers may be structured as exam questions. The main difference between such type of assignment and the actual essay is that no introduction, thesis statement, or conclusion is needed.
  2. Multiple-choice questions. This type of questions-answers assignment does not require one to provide extended and logically developed answers to the questions but the task lies in choosing the right option from the list of those provided (usually marked as a), b), c), d) or numbered). As a rule, answering these questions does not take much time since you only have to choose a specific option. If you want to order a multiple-choice task from our question-answer writing service, the following page calculation rule is applied: five multiple-choice questions equal one page.
  3. Online tests. In some way, this assignment is similar to the previously mentioned one a multiple-choice task. However, in this case, the test is taken online and is strictly limited in time. Moreover, taking an online test does not guarantee that you will have merely tests – you may also be given short answer questions or open-ended questions requiring fairly extended answers. However, in most cases, students are given tests. When it comes to ordering online tests from, the order may be placed within a three-/ to the six-hour deadline. The rule of calculating pages works the same as with multiple-choice questions.

When you order questions-answers paper types, take into consideration that the very formulation of the assignment (the question itself) is not counted in the number of words ordered by you.

With, you can be sure that the paper will be error-free and impeccable in content. Moreover, each paper will be scanned via anti-plagiarism software before being delivered to the client.

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Our Benefits:

  • Even when writing short answer questions, we take care of the originality and uniqueness of your order. Our writers work on your orders by applying a custom-oriented approach and check each paper for plagiarism.
  • When you order an answers-questions paper type, we provide such free services as the cover page and the reference page.
  • Our writers are capable of providing coherent essay-like short and long answers to open-ended questions. A single-spaced page equals 600 words whereas a double-spaced page equals 300 words.
  • When you order open-ended questions, your assigned writer will take care of making the answers adhere to your philosophy of life. Frequently, when being assigned such questions, students are asked to share their own opinions and provide their own vision on specific issues. As such, be sure that your assigned writer will care for the answers.
  • In case you order a short answers-questions type, be sure that your writer will carefully identify the main points of writing and provide answers according to the prompt.

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How to Succeed in Providing Short Answers to Questions?

  1. Make sure you read the question prompt carefully. If needed, read it twice in order to understand everything properly for sure.
  2. If the question consists of logical parts (specific short assignments within the bigger one), make sure to clearly address each of them. If needed, number each of the parts or write each from a separate paragraph. Proofread the answer upon completion double-check whether you have addressed the whole question with all its constituent parts.
  3. Make sure you provide supporting evidence for what you claim/ argue about. Sufficient supporting facts will make your answers stronger and more plausible. If you provide an expert opinion, you will sound more convincing as well. It will provide the impression that you do not make up some facts on your own. If you use outside sources, make sure you provide proper citations (paraphrase the ideas) or provide direct quotes.
  4. Use transitions to make the ideas logically related. It will make it easier to trace the ideas in your paper and monitor how you develop those ideas.
  5. Finish the paper with a logical conclusion. Make sure you pinpoint the main outcomes or findings. If needed and if applicable, provide a call for action. In some cases, you will have to sum up how the discussion relates to your personal experience. Try to finish the short answer in a creative way.
  6. Use strong and persuasive language. Sometimes, you will have to appeal to the emotions and feelings of your readers. Try to sound convincing by using powerful sentences and providing believable and persuasive facts. Avoid general information that serves no informative purpose.
  7. Take into consideration the arguments you provide. Try not to mix all the arguments together. Maintain focus on specific aspects and focus on each argument in a separate paragraph.
  8. Make sure you adhere to the word limit requirements. Try to meet the minimum required word count. Still, try not to exceed the word count a lot. Try to write specifically according to the assignment. Do not add any irrelevant or unnecessary information.


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