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Literature Review

Are you a hard working student that is having problems completing an assigned literature review? Are you confused about how to sort through the huge amount of research you have accumulated? Are you having problems finding sufficient related research to substantiate your hypothesis?

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Useful dissertation literature review tips

To create a literature review, the student must perform an analysis of work that has been performed by researchers, theorists and field experts about a given topic. In analysis, the student is required to compare and contrast these findings. The goal is to obtain scholarly works that are able to:

  • Heavily relate to the student's stated hypothesis for solution of a problem
  • Have used methodologies and instruments that are both similar and different from that the student plans to use
  • Have opposing points of view.

The literature review must be comprehensive and include opposing points of view as well as those views that support the student's hypothesis.

When writing a literature review, the student is expected to organize the work into sections that are based upon different characteristics of the research conducted by others. For instance, if the student's question relates to a particular phenomenon that contributes to the development of a certain species of birds, the selections chosen by the student should be organized by geography, types of birds and other criteria.

The largest obstacle faced by students that attempt to complete their literature reviews is usually the process of narrowing down the number of publications to include. Most of the time, each journal article, book or previously-written dissertation must be personally and thoroughly read to determine the significance it has on the student's research for the particular problem being addressed. This aspect of the literature review alone can take months of continual reading and note taking by the student. During this process, some students find that their literature search results in scarce outcomes.

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