What is IB Extended Essay?

Thousands of students complete their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmes (IBDP) every year. Their success is directly related to their fulfillment of the main requirements: Extended essay (EE), Theory of knowledge (TOK), Creativity, activity, service (CAS).

The IB Extended Essay is a relevant independent research essay of up to 4,000 words in a subject from the list of approved EE subjects. This academic work is aimed at assessing the knowledge and skills students gained regarding their major.

In most cases, you are responsible not only for the research itself but also for choosing the most suitable topic that can demonstrate all your educational capacity. The preciousness of the proper IB extended essay writing service is undeniable. This scholarly project takes many students aback, especially when they realize the scope of efforts they must dedicate to it besides their typical complicated study routine.

This is a profound investigation of your selected topic. The IB student must do meticulous research independently. The main intimidating factor of this paper is that the failure to complete it may lead to serious consequences, hindering the obtainment of your IB Diploma.

Therefore, the Extended Essay or simply ‘EE’ comprises the core of your IB Diploma Programme. This is not a typical research paper you can easily rewrite. Many students are happy to receive this responsible task as they can finally focus on the topic of their interest. They can research something untypical but still related to their courses. Besides, this paper is a predecessor to a thoroughly written thesis. If you write it successfully, you will gain the necessary investigation skills, which will facilitate writing your dissertation in the future.

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How to Write an Extended Essay

Choose the Most Appropriate Extended Essay Topic

The main benefit is that you can experiment with your topic as it may not belong to your syllabus. Anyway, it should be related to your major. For instance, if you study Liberal Arts, you may choose to explore the issue of modern art galleries, which embody a fusion of world arts. You can also ponder on a literary topic, having chosen the book by your favorite author or the specific genre he represents. If your topic is related to ecology, you should raise awareness of global burning issues in your unique manner. For example, you may choose to investigate the least discussed environmental problem. The main hint is to interrelate your topic with your passions. This way, your research will be genuinely exciting! However, do not focus on rare and whimsical subjects as your topic still has to be approved by a special IB committee.

The Investigation and Analysis

It is helpful to analyze the material you found on special charts and tables. It will be easier to organize the major aspects into logical categories. You must read meticulously through all the highlighted points to understand whether it is reasonable to omit some details. Writing out all your arguments is always a favorable idea. It helps to structure the essay into coherent parts.

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The Stages of Introduction and Conclusion

The preliminary creation of your introduction is always done to the benefit. Let it be a rough draft, it will help you to see the actual way of thinking anyway. The initial outline defines the value of the research question, its relation to the subject matter. Though the conclusion is written at the end, you can write down your ideas regarding the desired result beforehand. It may be helpful to form your final summary.

The Final Sections

It is also important to dedicate about 300 words to produce an abstract. It helps the reader estimate the timeliness and value of your essay. The abstract is also interrelated with your main investigation question, showing the core aspects of your analysis and the guiding elements towards a rational summary.

The Deadlines You Cannot Escape

It may vary for every educational establishment and sometimes this deadline comes too soon. We perfectly understand the reasons why you may fail to meet those deadlines. Your schedule is extremely busy, and the IB extended essay is not the only task you should accomplish. This is the main cause why students decide to seek a trustworthy IB extended essay writing service. Apparently, even professionals cannot cope with this task overnight, but we can do it much faster than you, fulfilling all the requirements.

The Supervisor Interview

This type of special interview is called viva voce. What do you need it for? The professor responsible for your IB essay has to ask you specific questions related to the pros and cons of your investigation, the most important aspects of your findings. Your supervisor also painstakingly checks whether your research report contains a tiny amount of plagiarism.


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