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Our Reliable Guarantees

Our Wide Range of Guarantees

Master-Dissertation.com is a unique paper service since we offer each and every customer firm guarantees, regardless of the size and scope of the order. When students buy an essay from Master-Dissertation.com, our company takes measures to ensure that every order is totally original and written directly according to the customer's instructions.

There is no such thing as "cutting and pasting" material from other sources at Master-Dissertation.com. Plagiarism simply does not exist among our writers. To be extra sure, our professional editors scan each page with some ultra-sensitive anti-plagiarism software. If it clears, the software generates an anti-plagiarism report that we pass along to our customers upon request. This assures them that they are buying all-original material. We guarantee it!

The guarantees offered by Master-Dissertation.com are unique; no other online writing service offers anything that can come near to the protection that we offer to our customers. When students buy essay papers from Master-Dissertation.com, there is no risk involved, whatsoever!

High academic standards - the professional writers of Master-Dissertation.com abide by the highest academic standards possible. Our service guarantees that any product or service provided by us will be professionally handled and that the utmost care will be taken in the execution of the order. Master-Dissertation.com works in conjunction with teams of extraordinarily experienced experts in more than sixty different academic disciplines. Each of our writers work only with those projects that are within the specific parameters of his/her areas of specialization. The results are amazing, and the standards of quality are as high as they get!

No other writing company writes papers as well as our trained, professional writers. Certainly, no one sells paper of this high quality at prices as low as ours!

Transparent, affordable pricing - we never hide charges or pad invoiced. We are perfectly transparent about how much our services cost, and the client is fully informed every step of the way. The objective of our tiered pricing plan is to give every student the options that will help each one save a lot of time and expenses.

We give our students a timetable that fits in with the designated urgency of the essay being written. Students can choose the options that best suit their budgets and still get very high-quality work, regardless of how low the price of the writing is.

Master-Dissertation.com has the rates and pricing plans to fit every single budget, and we never compromise on quality. Each and every paper is guaranteed to be well written. In fact, we hire professional editors to make certain that all technical aspects of the paper such as the formatting, spelling and grammar are totally correct.

Confidentiality - at Master-Dissertation.com, we closely guard all of our customers' personal and financial details and vow never to sell them to any marketing companies as many online writing services do. In fact, we guarantee totally confidentiality with all transactions between our customers and our service.

Many writing companies accept the offers of third party marketing companies and make big profits by selling their customers' information. We do not do that because of the sensitive nature of using an online writing company initially, and we do not want our customers to be inundated by unwanted marketing phone calls during dinner and flooded with spam or unwanted email. What transpires within the online confines of Master-Dissertation.com stays here!

Writers - we guarantee that every paper ordered at Master-Dissertation.com will be written by a highly qualified writer who has either masters or Ph.D. degree from an accredited university. We further guarantee that all papers will be written by native English speaking writers. These credentials make the quality of the writing higher. None other than a native English-speaking writer can pick up on all of the nuances of the English language. Professors spot papers that have been written by non-native speakers of English very easily. We do not want that happen.

Our writers know how to write at any academic level of difficulty. They know how to incorporate any requested details into any essay to make it appear that it was written by the very customer who purchased it.

Each of our writers is an expert in at least one academic field. When we receive an order for academic writing, we forward the order to the writer who is most qualified to write on the topic given. The results are outstanding!

Timely delivery - throughout the history of Master-Dissertation.com, our writers have never been late delivering a completed paper to a customer. We fully guarantee on-time delivery of each and every paper that is written by our writers. We understand that there can be stiff penalties involved when students hand in their work late. Therefore, we make sure that students receive their papers on time. It is as simple as that.

If a student attempts to order a paper too close to the deadline, we will refuse to accept the order. We will not make false promises that we can do a job that is impossible. We are honest and forthcoming about all matters that pertain to one's academic writing assignments.

The best possible customer care - we guarantee our customers 24/7/365 friendly, competent customer care and a number of different ways to contact our customer service agents.

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