Additional Suggestions and Changes to the Website

I would like to suggest additional changes to the city’s website and also make additional comments. First, the website does not have a History section explaining how the city came into existence. The city’s website also does not have a Welcome section which introduces the visitors to San Diego. It does not have a Date section and Weather Information section to let the tourists know the current weather in your city. The website also lacks PowerPoint slides showing how the city’s streets look like from an aerial view. There’s no shopping guide link to guide tourists who may be interested to go shopping in the city.


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The website has no Mission and Vision statement to indicate the level of commitment of the employees in providing quality services for the residents of San Diego. The website also does not have information on social well being of women/family/children/youth/senior citizens. That is, it does not show essential information such as how to access maternal services. It also lacks a section related to supply chain management issues, meaning there is no information on new tenders and the way they are awarded, supplier registration and supply chain management policy. The site also has no section to inform visitors about the way international firms can establish businesses in San Diego. That is, the bureaucracy involved should be clearly outlined. The site also lacks Popular Searches link to help visitors of the city claim lost property, for example. The site lacks Employee Directory showing their names and their specified roles at the city of San Diego. Lastly, the site lacks an icon or link through which residents can vote online to help rate or assess the quality of services offered by the city. This will help the city officials to improve the quality of services they offer to its residents.

These are my candid additional suggestions and comments aimed to help improve the website in the city’s pursuit of improving the quality of services it offers.

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