Since the onset of civilization, the need for human beings to understand the social, physical and biological nature of the environment they live in increased. Human beings started researching on ways to modify nature and building artifacts. Effects of science and technology in the society have brought substantial change in health, communication, and the environments we live in. There are also some substantial evidences of science and technology having effects on the workplaces. The development of better and faster modes of communication that set in with the development of telephones enhance communication between people in different parts of the world hence a global village. The onset of the internet has further enhanced socialization across the world.

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Communication has been part of man since the time before evolution. Communication between human beings determines the society the human beings live in since communication enhances socialization. With the emergence of science and technology, many societies have experienced significant change due to the advanced and technological modes of communicating. The onset of the internet has seen many online social networking sites come up. Examples of social networking sites that enhance interaction between people in different societies in the world are Facebook, twitter, yahoo chat. People from different parts of the world can get to know each other and socialize through these sites. The telephone, television sets, fax machines are more examples of technological methods that enhance communication between people far apart. As opposed to the ancient times, times before the onset of science and technology where an ancient man had to use smoke signals, bells etc. to pass across information, science and technology has made communication faster and more reliable.

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Science and technology have incredible effects on maintaining a healthful society. Health is an important aspect in a society. The mortality rate of ancient man was high because he had primitive solutions to his health problems. To survive a person had to be fit hence the concept of survival for the fittest. With the discovery and the emergence of modern methods of treatment by scientists, there is a significant drop in the number of deaths caused by treatable illnesses. The effects of science and technology have made it possible for kidney transplants, heart surgeries, brain tumor surgeries things that were very impossible in the time before the onset of science and technology. This has made the society healthier. However, science and technology has seen the emergence of health problems in the society that would never have been. The increase of exposure to carcinogens and dangerous rays an effect of science and technology cause cancer resulting in deaths. Effects of science and technology on the health of a society, therefore, have both positive and negative effects. The society’s health depends on many effects of science and technology.

The effects of science and technology on the environment a society lives in are both positive and negative. Science and technology have made the human environment more comfortable for living. Faster modes of transport for example airplanes, motor cars, and bullet trains have made it easier for people in a society to move from place to place. Science and technology have also made it easier to communicate and socialize. Entertainment systems in the human environment have reduced the boredom. However, science and technology have had many negative effects on the environment. The onset of industries has increased environmental pollution to both the air and the water systems. The release of poisonous gases to the atmosphere increase the depletion of the ozone layer hence having dangerous health effects on the human population. The development of sophisticated fire arms has increased crime rates despite making it easier for law enforcers to carry out their duty. Human living environment are more sophisticated due to the onset of science and technology as compared to the times before science and technology where the world was as for as you can see and reach.


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Science and technology have several effects on the working environment of human beings. With the onset of technology, workplaces are more comfortable and faster to work in. Computers and software make the filling, and documentation in an office faster and easier. the emergence of color printers enable offices to store documents in hard copy form in a more faster way than in days before science and technology. Science and technology improve socialization between people in a given working environment. This socialization affects employee relationships both positively and negatively. Easier modes of payment that come with the inventions in science and technology make working environments more reliable and faster. Many societies in the world have sophisticated work offices and companies that flow smoothly despite being large in size courtesy of science and technology that improves communication between manager and employees.

In conclusion, the society aspect of science and technology has seen incredible changes with the onset of science and technology. The effects have spread in various areas of the society ranging from the environment, the conditions of our working places and our health. Faster modes of communication methods have improved socialization between people across the world hence making the world a global village. The environment has also seen substantial changes both in positive and negative ways. Heavy industries produce goods that are able to meet the requirements of a big population however, the same industries produce poisonous gasses that pollute the environment hence making it dangerous for human living.

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