In order to ensure that goods that are set to be purchased meet the required specialties, a person needs to evaluate these goods. The person must pre determine the quality of the goods to be bought, and this will give the person (one evaluating) a good stand since s/he will be examining these goods on a basis of a scale that has already been drawn. In the case of these 120 desktop computers, the order placed specified the model and specifications of computers, and the person evaluating will be confirming whether the computers meet the said specifications.

The criteria for evaluating goods need to meet certain characteristics. First, they must be accurate and unambiguous. This will ensure that an accurate relationship will exist between the evaluation criteria and the consequences. The evaluation criteria should also be comprehensive but concise; it will cover all the areas required. The criteria must also be measurable and can be applied so as to find out comparisons and relationships. The criteria should also be practical, understandable, and explicit among others (Peter and Peter 126).

Evaluation Criteria for Goods

The goods must meet the specifications agreed upon when placing the order. Therefore, the required securities should be included where applicable. The offer validity should also be included to give a time frame that the required goods should be delivered. The goods must also meet the quality standards of the country of use. In addition, the signature of the contract should be appended for security purposes and the required documentation submitted (Munda 48). In terms of technical requirements, the delivered goods must conform to specifications, product quality and product standards. Other things to be included in the evaluation are financial security, supplier’s reputation, delivery time Company’s quality assurance and certification and after sale services among others.

Example of a Scoring Scale System

Evaluation Criteria


Scoring Scale System

Score (Maximum of 10)


Meets all the required specifications




Evidence of ability to meet and exceed contract requirements




Meets the contract requirements in a fair manner




Does not meet most of the contract requirements



Very Poor

No evidence of meeting the contract requirements



No submission

The contract has not been submitted




There are different theories, concepts, rules and regulations that can be used to understand the concept of scoring. These theories are geared towards understanding the behavior of consumers and suppliers. Many consumer based theories tend to focus on the specifications of the consumer in terms of the products while many supplier theories tend to favor the supplier in terms of profits. Consumer theory is an example of a theory that explains how the consumer selects the goods to use. The rules of consumer based evaluation also state that the needs of the consumer should be met in order for the product to meet the criteria for evaluation and for it to be acceptable.


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In the example of the scoring criteria given, the goods are examined from the consumer’s perspective, and they are scored depending on how they meet the consumer’s specifications. As such, the consumer is the determinant of whether the goods will sell or not.

Conclusions and Recommendations

In order for any supplier to sell, s/he must meet the criteria and specifications of the goods ordered. This will build trust between the consumer and the supplier and this will go a long way in creating a fruitful business deals. In as much, the supplier wants to make profit, he should meet the customer’s demands in order to get similar deals in the future.

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