Every innovation is as a result of engineering designs. Engineering design refers to the steps a designer goes through when identifying a problem, and developing solutions to it. It is the formulation of plans to assist a designer or an engineer to come up with a specified presentation goal. The process involves several steps, which can be practically repeated until the final product is produced. Designers jump back and forth among engineering steps through a working system known as iteration (Ullman, 2009, p.18). Engineering designs assist engineers in creating new things including experiences, environments, websites and products. The design process is a linear sequence of proceedings that have a beginning and an end point. The processes are structured to ensure the clients receive quality services and solutions appropriate to their communication, marketing and business problems among others.


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According to Otto & Wood (2001, p. 9), it is important to follow a design process. It is required that an engineer follows the design process consciously, which helps visual problems and provides the timeless and effective solution. There are some projects that require fresh concepts and require to be accomplished within a short deadline. Therefore, the designer has to follow the design process. The designer creates one design after another to be sure what works out and what does not. Unorganized workflow usually put undesirable pressure on the designers. This results in creativity obstruction, which harms the whole process (Otto & Wood, 2001, p.9). Therefore, the produced output does not satisfy the boss and the designer. In creative production, designers have to follow a specified design process to accomplish the work in timely and organized manner. Thus, whenever an individual starts a project, one should understand and have good notions of how to go through it. Dym & Little (2008, p.10) highlighted that changes, check-ups, strategy, research and other activity revolving around creativity require a path that has to be followed for effectiveness and efficiency (Dym & Little, 2008, p.10).

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