The theory of sociological imagination may be described as the scope to find out how folklore situations play out due to the way humans differ in terms of their whereabouts in given communal or historical situations (C, 1956). It is a measure of rationalizing about the things in humanity that have routed to some sort of outcome and having the right knowledge of understanding what propelled that outcome. Basically, the concept is the ability to observe things and the way they merge and clout each other from a philosophical point of view. In this essay, I will apply the sociological imagination of daily situations involving humans. I will examine the context that affects the humans and how they affect them with the dehumanization of workers.

Personal Explanation

The dehumanization of workers has made a huge impact on the lives of many people. Humans have been deprived of their qualities and replaced by machines. This has caused a lot of damage within us, as we have lost a lot of jobs due to the introduction of machines to do the kind of work that humans do. Where I come from, a big firm that produces cement used to be one of the biggest employing entities. On my way to school, I would meet no one in the streets, as most of the people would have gone to work. It was a peaceful area and people were rarely seen in the streets unless it was a weekend.

The introduction of machines made a huge impact on the society, as it eliminated most of the posts in most of the industries. It has created unemployment among us. The advancement of technology has mechanized us into obsolescence. I have experienced an increased rate of mental and physical complications within the families of our society due to the increased rate of unemployment. Many of those among us, who have lost their jobs, have had hardships and a decreased life satisfaction.

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Sociological Imagination

The introduction of forklifts and mud mixers detached most of the human’s task. The way of living changes within the society, as many, lose their jobs giving rise to poverty. This poverty bearded by unemployment also leads to depression within our society. This depression has led to poor health conditions among the unemployed prominent to low life expectance that has reduced, as the number of orphans has increased, and also the death toll of people below 50s has also increased.

The way of thinking is changing among the people, as they spend most of their time wondering on the streets hoping for jobs that continue being cut off with time. This leads to a change of behavior within our society. Groups are being formed in the streets and the unemployed start submerging themselves within drugs as a way of relieving themselves from the unemployment stress. Some children drop out of school; thereby, reducing the capacity of educated ones, as the unemployed parents fail to pay for their school fees. Criminal activities increase within the community as a source of obtaining money, so they can earn a living. The introduction of machines has altered the whole structure and functionalism of the people.

Poverty is being promoted and the gap between social classes has increased, as the rich continue getting richer and the poor getting poorer as they fail to find any means of living (Conley, n.d.). People are being divided into the groups of classes starting from upper, medium, then to the poor ones, who are the lower class. The upper-class members are the ones, who are taking advantage of the situation, as they leverage on our society. This is causing insecurities to the members of the middle class, as they now live in the fear of losing their jobs anytime. The economy used to have strong collective bond before the introduction of machines, but now it is not there with the fact that it is hard to trust each other. Everyone now puts their interests before the relationships they have with other people.

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The society has lost trust. We no longer trust human’s abilities to perfectly complete a task. All trust has been thrown to machines and other developing technology. As it is, my grandmother cannot complete a transaction on her own on the ATM. This is becoming a disadvantage for her, because personal bankers are now very few, and she has no one to assist her in doing her banking. This has made life difficult for the elder ones in our society. Human to human synergy has been sabotaged limiting the use of the respective resources to the ones, who have the right knowledge to use it. What keeps people going is the application of positivism as a social theory. Human nature has it to keep hoping and keep pushing, and positivism helps to keep the people hoping for a better turnout.

The thinking capacity of humans has been reduced as most of the humans now rely on the machines to make decisions for them. Technology has extremely transformed the structure of our life. It has not granted the social foundation its effects. Family ambiance has been radically transformed, as the advancement of technology takes away industry from our households. Marriage is losing its inviolability in our society, as many responsibilities of the family have been eliminated by other agencies. Marriages are no longer treated like a revered bond, but they are now like the domestic obligation. Marriages have become ambiguous within our society leading to an increased number of divorces and abrogation.

Dehumanization has created a huge gap among families, as both spouses strive to find jobs and earn a living (Conley, n.d.). Although technology elevated the statue of women, it also contributed to the strains in the relationship amid women and their husbands. The prosperity of spouses, who have been cut off from work, gets terminated. In our society, abuse of wives and children has increased as men lost their jobs, because of the advancement of technology. Most of the men, who lost their jobs, have become more irritable, fiery, and strained. These fathers become more vindictive and capricious in their parenting.

The effectiveness of the advancement of technology extends beyond personal disputes, spreading to the neighborhood and community. Our community has continuously decreased in terms of the quality of houses that emerge. Meager and substandard houses are now the homes of many. Poor schools have become the base of knowledge to our children, as they lack funding.

Most of the people in our community have developed problems in dealing with the society. Their social lives have been affected because of the unemployment stresses they are facing. Many have developed low self-confidence and the feeling of being not valued by the others. This has disturbed the mental status of many, as they lose hope in their lives with the depression that they face on a daily basis.


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Due to the resentment that comes with the lost/failure to source an income, our society has been plagued with people full of negative attitudes towards trivial things in life (antipositivism). We have experienced an increased number of suicidal attempts and substantial among the unemployed, as they try to find a way out of their misery. An increase in domestic violence and crime has been reported due to the tension in the homes of our neighborhood.

Abuse of alcohol and drugs has also led to the increase in violence that has been reported in our community (Conley, n.d.). The engagement into the criminal activities has increased as most of the unemployed in our community have their morals agitated. This made it common for them to find it more appealing to participate in the illegal activities, so they can earn a living. Selling of drugs within our streets has become common, and such rituals have been exposed to the children, who end up participating and taking them.

Loss of friendships in our community is being experienced as most of the unemployed segregate themselves from social outings and communication with other people. Most of the people have lost their skill due to the unemployment. They are not able to put their skills to use due to the lack of jobs; thereby, leading to the loss of one’s skills. This has increased the number of unemployed graduates within the society.

In conclusion, dehumanization has led to a loss of faith in the human race. The most painful thing is that those, who are in higher authority, prefer machines over fellow humans. Because of this, the battle between man and robots seems to be favoring machines. Lastly, we can sum up to say that dehumanization has more negative effects than we are willing to admit to each.

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