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Overview of Project

  1. Background

Cloud computing is a recent innovation that owes its uprising to the progress in computation grid, virtualization, and technologies related to the web. The term is used widely; from infrastructure, storage, working environment, and applications. As of now, this software is outstanding in its service production in higher learning institutions in transferring emails and functionalities that can link. However, the most important constitutes of this project are the cloud infrastructure and storage. Clouds are always related to the online deployment of virtual, flexible, and resources that are scalable which come with a payment.

The varieties of computational facilities that are in the reach of researchers include higher performance computing e.g. HECTOR and institutional clusters computation grid infrastructure the NGS and resources that are locally owned. Cloud computing can be capable of adding to what already exists in the computing industry or even bring total change to computation. However before playing an important role in academic research, there are several issues that can be stumbling blocks if not dealt with, this issues include; specification of the place and time to utilize cloud, changing staff on the basis of competence and finally the legal and data ownership i.e. the security of data owned by cloud computing. There is an urgent need for advice concerning these areas to researchers, stuff responsible for current cloud innovation and for senior institutional managers. There is the need for JISC to understand the risks and chances available for an infant technology such as cloud for all sectors to benefit. Experienced people providing guidance to the current administrators, the cloud innovation can be less risky and profitable to all sectors. It is no yet late to undertake this project since people are willing to experiment cloud computing but can’t make informed decisions.

2. Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Record reference materials for research purposes in data storage and computing.
  • Come up with explanations on governance, legal and economic matters associated with the use of cloud services, for storage and computing in academic research.
  • Suggest possible work that should be done by JISC
  1. Overall Approach

We are purposed to revisit information that that is readily available on cloud computing, as we put in consideration the variances that exist between UK HE researches and that of other organizations. Our intension is adding on what is already available for example, the NIST’s service and the blue print from the cloud computing use.

We will conduct multiple case discussions in a group to come up with more use cases. We will then conduct consultations as well as interviews to obtain even more case studies to design. We will finally provide decision support and several recommendations as more critical thinking is required to come up with the most appropriate data storage or compute solution, budget, security, reliability, trust, etc. as well as the cloud services currently on offer.

4. Project Outputs:

  • D1 – An explained project strategy (this document);
  • D2 – A provisional progress description;
  • D3 – A small briefing document – Could cloud computing assist your research?
  • D4 – A model to the cloud computing regarding research

Project Outcomes

  • comprehending of the location cloud computing can be utilized in research for computing and data storage.
  • clear directions for JISC in motivating innovation in application of cloud computing in the UK HE.