Modern technology has significantly made work easier especially where tasks are performed using computers. Computers are a major application of the latest technology that ever comes up. However, these machines appear to be assuming most of the roles and tasks previously performed by human beings. In fact, computers today act such as to think for the people. It is important to note that these machines were initially designed to aid make work easier. They were never purposed to think for the people. This paper illustrates how human beings have turned to be over dependent on computers in the recent past. Support to this argument is supported with evaluation of computer application in the education and research (Tavani 239).

As implied above, computers ought to aid in performing roles and task that are repetitive in nature. Their use has taken a different direction in the education systems. Over dependence is well depicted in learning institutions and research centres. In this case, students rely much on the information accessed from online resources rather than taking time to research and come up with personal findings. Another problem associated with over-dependence on computers is when programs are developed to give solutions to complex problems. It though helps to complete an otherwise time-consuming activity within the stipulated time. However, this has resulted to poor graduates with a weak foundation in their fields (Tavani 239).

The communication system is another field making a positively perceived application of computers. Everyone appreciates the effectiveness accomplished in this particular field. Communication is easier now over the internet, which of course fully depends on computers. As users, we rarely think of a stand by alternative for communication purposes. No one ever thinks of the consequences of the main internet server failure. This situation may lead to collapsing of almost three-quarters of the world economy. Every aspect of business communication and money transfer today relies on computers with no emergency measures in place (Tavani 239). Away from the role of computers in aiding communication, they are heavily relied for storage of crucial state and business information. Actually, everyone feels comfortable once information is stored somewhere in a computer.

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The first claim of on computer over-dependence expressed in this paper hovers around computer use in learning and research institutions. Once computer dependants graduate and are given the mandate to practice and apply the acquired skills, many remain to depend on computers. Surprisingly, programmers have developed application software for almost all fields. The medical industry has, for instance, benefited much from the availability of computers. Much of the data analysis is accomplished by use of computer programs. However, results are tabulated and suggestions given by the computer programs, human being are left probably with one task. Administering the medication in accordance with the computer generated report. This level of computer dependence is risky as the computer responds as programmed without giving a chance to possible dynamics.

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It is not reasonable to end this paper without identifying the consequences of human computer over-dependence. All are grave if the worst was to happen. Note that the worst has never been expected with the use of computers so far. Contrary, people conceive that the only sure way to solve a problem is by the use of machines. In our context, the computers are the machines. In the event that a government server computer crushes vital data is lost that may be expensive to recover. Similarly, information store in computers is prone to cyber crimes such as hacking and damage by viruses (Kizza137). Additionally, the student over dependence on computers while studying translates to the same while in the field. The consequences are grave when face with a problem that may not find a solution by use of a computer.

Equivalently, research carried out using computers may not give the actual information for instance when researchers relies on information from the internet. This is because most internet resources are never credible. Non-professionals could have posted information found over the internet. Moreover, conclusions drawn based on computer simulations may seem reliable at first only to realise falsehood in it later when it comes to real world experiences. Crashing a particular car by computer simulation may show that the passengers are never hurt. Soon the car model is in the market and public use, the first actual crush may result to death of all passengers

Another avenue where computers have been established are relied on to questionable level is both the public and private offices. Critical information is stored in these office computers. The computers are further programmed such as to perform over 80% of the office tasks. The officer is thus supposed to have the knowledge to operate the computer rather than the officer requirements. This is an extension of over-reliance on computers in learning institutions. Surprisingly, officers have the knowledge to operate rather than to carry out office duties. Machine failure thus results to a total halt of office activities (Kizza 137).

In my personal opinion, computers are useful tools to aid industrial, communication, transport educational and research processes. I concur that they aid a smooth running of all activities where they find the application. A lot of advantages are perceived but the big concern is on human over-dependence on these machines. The consequences should be of concern to all members using computers either directly or indirectly. It is thus necessary to find out alternatives that can act as stand-by opportunities in case computers fail. Additionally, individuals most offer to exercise computer independence where possible in order to understand the real phenomenon around them. This is particularly when it comes to education and work.


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