A service can be defined as the performance or act between two parties which does not lead to owning anything (Shakoor, n.d.). Workers such as accountants, salespeople, clerks and cashiers provide services to their clients. The customers of iPad mini require services like cellular networks and data connection at high speed, and the company Apple Inc has been able to provide the high quality of services. It also comes with support services such as limited one-year warranty and protection plan. Technical support of about ninety days is also offered with repair services being provided. Expert expect that Apple will upgrade iPad mini to the Retina display.

The main competitors of iPad mini are the Tablets such as the ExpoPC Slate, HP Slate and others. The Tablets have reduced prices, for example, the Nook Tablet with 8GB going for $159 while an iPad mini goes for $329. This makes people go for the Tablets hence realizing increased sales (Versache, 2013). There are support services offered by Tablets such as instructions to the connections of e-mail, best practices and security. One can also download updated drivers and software, get tips on support, set up and repair of hardware. Warranty includes covering accidents caused by individuals, in particular, they replace or repair the gadgets within five business days of business and pay for shipping from the repair depot. Upgrades as well as updates are done over the air and do not need the use of cables or PC. Moreover, upgrading is performed with a new version of OS. Connectively, the most recent software versions of these products are available online (Martin, 2012).

IPad mini provides accompanying services that follow the tangible goods (Shakoor, n.d.). For instance, the repair services such as 15 professional services and a diagnostic service. The professionals are always ready to serve the customers. They provide a good one year warranty as well as the protection plan. The future of the iPad mini looks bright as the company is about to produce a cheaper and much portable type (Ritchie, 2013). The improvements on the services will automatically atrract more customers especially the youths. However, like any other phone, iPad mini is susceptible to wear and tear and breakdown when used for a long period. If the phone breaks down after one-year warranty provided, then the customer has to seek for repair or buy another one.

Our customer service is well put in place and ready for any queries. The products are well selling and surveys show that iPad mini is gaining ground as 31% of small-scale businesses use the product to do certain tasks. It has been noted that this will increase as the businessmen are still deploying and testing it (Etherington, 2012).


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