My social status has impacted the type of schools I have attended. Due to the available funds in the family, I was only able to attended the public school that offered less quality whereas there were much better schools with quality education but much expensive. My social standing has affected the types of friends I have made. Naturally, I tend to associate with people who have the same material wealth as I so that I don’t feel out of place. I rarely associate with people of immense wealth as I feel uncomfortable and out of place because their field of interest and mine are totally different and befriending them would be useless as I would not fit in. My social standing has dictated my place of residence and the type of social amenities I have access to. Though I would like to live in estates with better housing and social amenities I have to settle for the one that is affordable my finances.


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The assessment of my status consistency is that it is generally low as I struggle to make ends meet and have to work overboard to satisfy all my needs. I operationalize status by giving priority to the needs that are most urgent by working to satisfy them first then embarking on other needs of less urgency. I also forego some of the needs that are not basic so as to save for the more important needs. I also take soft loans from my friends when unforeseen needs come up and work extra to repay them in the duration agreed. I have low-status consistency based on the facts above as it is clear that I struggle to make all ends meet. I rank low in all the three aspects of social status their rank low in status consistency.

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