It is a well-known saying that leaders are born, not made. Given that it is right, there are people, who have never played the leadership role, stood up and taken the lead when a suitable moment comes. For instance, parenting requires a parent to discover such role to guide and protect their infants. A lot of confidence and influence are needed in order to persuade the intended people to follow orders. In every organization, people perform certain duties. Different units, for instance, the head body, manage the company at the top, field workers take orders from the former, and the subordinate staff is liable for any small work. For the organization to run well, all these mentioned above are liable and must work together to ensure success in the delivery of services. To achieve this, a strong leadership body is needed to guarantee that good decision-making, inspection, and the execution of duties are well done.

Considering such an organization as the Centre for Disease Control, (CDC), it needs precautions to be taken, especially concerning the line of duty in question. Diseases are highly contagious and dangerous. Through birds leadership and management activities, control has encouraged leaders to employ the worker who are highly skilled and taught to handle any forms of outcomes that may occur. Besides, such procedures as the wearing of safety gears and gown to avoid contamination should be taken into consideration. By identifying, accessing and prioritizing control, and taking coordinated and economic measures, it is possible to minimize and monitor the impact of an unfortunate event.

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Leadership activities and management control has brought about good results by giving good ideas and proper channels to prevent an unexpected issue from arising. The management offers a range of services to professionals to meet the required standards, conduct research, and receive education and networking opportunities. For instance, in trying to avoid and control risks, a leader has the ability to oversee occurrences, and either transfer the risk to another part, avoid it, or even accept some of the outcomes arising. The engagement and mobilization of employees by the leadership may result into greater achievements than losses. Good leaders have proven the point of attaining goals.

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Managing an organization that has a number of bodies, as stated by Bird & Germain (2004), may be hard in some way. In the scholars’ educative book, leaders have been witnessed to oversee and monitor work place safety. In doing this, leadership and management control has prevented losses and control safety program performance in relation to regulatory requirements and organization policies through auditing and assessing. The principle of quality management mandates the leader to dictate the measurement of any activity conducted and provide excellent tools for communication and performance. It has been proven to produce a good comprehensive audit, such as determining an injury rate, helping the leader to determine which aspects of a health program function well and the ones that require improvement measures to be taken.

Inspection is one of the key areas that a leader should learn to stress and dwell on. It is expected that any documentation should pass through him or her for assessment and approval. Bird & Germain (2004) have highlighted this because it ensures that the budget is catered for well, and there is no over or understatement of organizational resources and clear instructions for a particular work. Through the inspection of the health of workers, problems and risks associated with unhealthy employees have been reduced. By doing this, leadership and management control has increased the volume of work done and minimized expenditures not only to an employee but also to the organization, which may force the latter to take responsibility for any injuries or losses accrued.


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Mobilization, motivation and communication among employees at work are important tools in achieving the best and the most successful results. Education plays a big role in delivering quality work. Leadership activities and management control have encouraged employees to work effectively, despite risks involved in that line of duty. It has reduced pressure. Motivation has ensured that all safety measures are taken during work. In addition, communication as a tool creates understanding and represents workers’ ideas concerning a particular type of work, enabling the leader to assess any risk that may occur.

The loss control leadership initiative has provided good and successful results in any organization. Good leadership, proper job definition, planning, and education help in achieving astonishing results. The given safety initiative applies to the model outlined by Bird & Germain (2004), due to it creates and promotes good monetary budgeting and a nice environment for work. The determination is achieved through workers engaging in proper education and providing results in the organization. The leadership body can ensure welfare to workers through addressing and pointing out the issues affecting them.

The end result of the initiative is that loss control management protects employees, property, and organization profitability. Continuous concerns arising from loss control leadership and management, for example, about the quality of work life, have enlarged liability, paving ways to the introduction of new technologies that have less impact than expected. The loss control initiative is aimed at preparing all levels of personnel for better work performance.

In general, loss control leadership has been proven to have great results by ensuring good work, safety of employees, and reduced risks due to good management by vicious and proper leadership. It promotes profits, reduced losses occurring due to poor planning and access by leadership, thereby resulting in the general growth of any organization.

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