Gay marriages bare several controversial issues in our society. Most part of the debate focuses on the peoples personal rights to choose what they like as long as it has little or no effect on the people around them verses what the bible considers about gay. Marriage is a union between two people who love each other and want to live together for the rest of their lives. Age and sex should not be a limit to marriage. On the other hand, the Bibles doctrines consider gay marriages as sinful and animalistic. Utilitarianism doctrines and classical theory resolves the negative perspective we feel against gay marriage.

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Theories are to help us identify a problem and try to find other ways of trying to solve the problem. Utilitarianism is about putting fairness in any conclusions we make about other people’s actions, how we can try to put the ends of the problem to meet even if the outcome is totally against our general notion of the actions. Utilitarianism standpoint refers to ordinary people’s decisions and choice who try to determine their actions effects on other people around them. A good example, in this case, is about lying. We all know lying is not right but some situations always arise and make lying to other inevitable. For example, a case where you have to lie to avoid hurting other people you love.


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In a society with utilitarianism mind cannot predict who is to be in a relationship. Even if the relationship is gay, it is right so long as one is happy in the relationship no matter the negative perspective on gay marriage. Gay marriage does not hurt anyone and does not reduce the greater good of the individuals against it. Being gay or not is someone’s own decision and it should not be the basis of judging the person so long as their actions have no negative effects on you. According to consequentiality standpoint, an action is considered morally upright so long as its consequences have a good outcome according to which gay marriage has no negative consequences hence in a personal view I consider gay marriages as normal as any other type of marriages.

We all have our fundamental rights to look for happiness and marriage is one of the forms of happiness human beings attain in life whether gay or not. It comes with finding the right person who makes you happy, falling in love with them and getting into marriage with them. It does no matter whether the person we choose is of the same or opposite sex. Gay marriages should not be the basis of discriminating against gay people just because their idea of marriage is not the same as ours. We should not use their actions to start making judgments about them. What if we wake up one day and discover that marriage between a man and woman is an evil thing, will we turn our backs against ourselves? Gay people are people just like us and have full rights of attaining happiness which we should stop altering.

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