Age Discrimination in Employment

Employment discrimination has been a controversial issue for a long time. So much it was that it came to the attention of Congress, which passed

Being an Alcoholic and the Broader Impact of Alcoholism on Society

Sociological imagination refers to thinking and seeing beyond the narrow scope of societal opinion. With the help of it, an individual is able to temporarily

Benefits of Talking to Kids about Sex

Today’s world and generation is characterized by the dominance of one major factor; sex. From television adverts to music, from home to school, every scene

Boko Haram

Governments or Organizations that Identify Boko Haram as a Terrorist Group Boko Haram (BH) refers to a violent Islamic entity in Nigeria that has been involved

Burdens that American Middle-Class Society Faces

Burdens Posed by Low Income What is killing the stability of middle-income families in the United States? This question raises concerns about a large number

Challenges in Social Integrity: Corruption

Approach Taken By World Leaders to Resolve Corruption Corruption is the acts of influencing activities, which are supposed to benefit the public to one’s advantage

Child Labor

Child Labor Analysis Child labor is a situation where people who are under age find themselves in various forms of employment. Child labor is severe

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility entails a range of activities in which companies and businesses seek to improve the social environment local community’s economy, facilitation of human

Deviance and Its Consequences

Actions that are considered deviant behaviors are those actions that violate social norms and engender societal reactions, mostly rejection, but sometimes acceptance. Due to variations


Dexter is a series of the fictional television program which is aired on premium cable at Showtime and each episode usually takes about 54 minutes.

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