Summary: In the essay “The Moral Instinct,” composed by science author, cognitive scientist and experimental psychologist Steven Pinker, explores numerous issues regarding the virtue of morality. Pinker discuses human moralization and how it is applicable, though subconsciously to everyday life at various aspects. According to Pinker, moralization is a tool that turns people’s psychological state on and off similarly to a switch. Moralization also affects the ultimate choices and opinions human beings make. Pinker employs numerous techniques in his essay to capture the reader’s interest throughout the essay. Through his technique, the readers are capable to stick to the subject Pinker addresses. While Pinker writes concerning a serious subject, he employs humor in various contexts, which allows the essay to flow and entertain the reader. Pinker employs questions and scenarios that attract the attention of the reader. This is a technique that enables the reader’s personal reflection on the contentious issues.


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Response: I suppose that while Pinker’s article looks intriguing and make the reader seek numerous answers to voluminous questions regarding all that most societies perceive as moral; it was still complex understanding the article. Am sure that all the subjects he discussed regarding morality could have been easily condensed to enhance understanding. In terms of academic research, Pinker uses his essay to highlight the importance of moral goodness as a mindset that allows an individual to determine whether something is either right or wrong. I suppose universal morality is significant in people’s lives because it makes people feel that we are worthy of living. Morality is an inherent part of human beings since a person’s moral relies on various perspectives. The concept of morals is a much bigger and complicated issue for humanity. I believe in universal morality because it is part and parcel of everyday life.

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