Good Night and Good Luck is an American movie that was produced in 2005. The movie is among the most common and best-selling ones to be released in America in the recent past. The movie was written and produced by Mr. Clooney with the help of Grant Heslov. Notably, Good Night and Good Luck is a drama film that focuses on the early days of the television broadcast around 1953. During that period, there was a lot of misunderstanding between television personalities and politicians. This is the reason why the movie concentrates on the American Senator, Joseph McCarthy and a celebrated television journalist Edward Murrow (Clooney and Heslov 10). Additionally, the movie addresses the issues that occur when the media opposes the government.

This essay analyzes the Good Night and Good Luck movie produced in 2005. In line with that, it discusses its history and the impact on the industry

The Historical Framework of the Film

Good Night and Good Luck is a dramatic film which is based on the 1953 media versus the government drama (Tucker). During this period, the television broadcast in America was in its early years and thus experiencing numerous shortcomings. The set features a veteran American television journalist known as Edward Murrow together with his dedicated and focused staff of news reporters and writers. Additionally, the film features Joseph McCarthy who is an American senator and an anti-communist.

The notable conflict is between Edward, the journalist, and Joseph McCarthy who is the Senator. Edward and his workmates at the CBS news room defy the orders of the McCarthy and the government in general and focus on creating awareness to the public about what is going on in their country. In response to the accusations against McCarthy, he comes out and accuses Edward and his crew of being liars and communists (Crystal 2). Despite the fact that there was tension, Edward and his crew carried on their duty until McCarthy’s ills was uncovered and he was made powerless.

The Film’s Significance and Impact on the Industry

Notably, this film is among the most celebrated and best-selling ones that have been released in the new millennium. Since the release of this film, a great impact has been noted in the movie industry. Significantly, the movie implies that the media has the power to change the lives of the citizens of any given country. Despite the poor leadership practiced by McCarthy, Edward and his team managed to uncover him and ensured he was out of power. This has impacted to more positive and educative film production.

Why is it Significant Today

As noted before, the movie was produced in 2005 and relates to the 1953 conflicts between a television journalist and a Senator. However, the movie is still significant up to date and chances are that it will last for a longer period to come. The main reason for this film’s significance is the positivity displayed in the plot. The movie addresses the political impunity and media oppression, something that is still being experienced in most parts of the world. As long as there would be media oppression and political impunity, this film would remain significant.

In conclusion, Good Night, and Good Luck is a drama movie. The movie was written and produced by Clooney, focusing on a celebrated American television journalist and a Senator. The drama in the film is developed between the journalist and his team; the focus is on uncovering the Senators impunities. Contrary to that, the Senator wants the journalist to cover the issues, so that the public may not know. Furthermore, he comes out and accuses the journalist of false accusations, claiming they are communist. Edward Murrow and his team continued with their work, despite tension until McCarthy was made powerless.

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