I like Ethnic and I would like to continue attending this class in future. It has provided me with key knowledge on this subject. During the classes there was an active interaction among students and the teacher encouraged participation of each of us. It should be mentioned, that the teacher was also culturally competent because he responded to class questions intelligently and inclusively. Learning about the history of different ethnic groups has increased my rate of success because I have been able to learn about different historical events and relate them to what I have already known.

The class has encouraged my participation in discussions and developed critical thinking about historical facts. It has helped me to explore the intricacy of power, conflict and inequality between Indians and other ethnic groups. I have understood how racial and ethnic identities are assigned with values and meanings that in turn influence interactions between different groups.

I had a good time interacting with Indian students. The class is once a week from 6.00-9.00PM and the time is convenient for the entire student fraternity. However, I would like the class to be hold more frequently. One day a week is not enough as there are many issues that need to be looked into in detail. During the class, many students are actively engaged into the process of learning.

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My perception about the Indians has changed since I attended this class. I learned about Indian history. It has not only exposed me to Indian culture but also made me accept and understand it much better. However, I have to admit that at the beginning I felt that my knowledge about Indian culture was below an average level compared to other students.

The class helped me to get acquainted with numerous Indian students. The discussions and knowledge we shared in this class, especially about American-Indian culture, politics, art, and history, made me find out more about the challenges which were taken by Indian culture. Listening to Indian students talk about their perceptions and experiences enriched my knowledge about Indian culture and its interesting history.


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