During our last holidays, my friend Ahmed and I went for a trip to New York and stayed there for four days. The trip was sponsored by our parents as a reward for our exemplarily performance in the end year examinations. Despite the fact that we were to travel there by road, we decided to use another means that seemed to be more fun; thus, we went by train. Notably, travelling by train takes more time than road or air travel does; this was exactly the reason why we settled for that. In New York, we were going to visit different tourist attraction sites and landmarks. Additionally, since it was our third time in New York and the first time alone, our parents gave us a lecture of what we were to do and the places we should avoid.

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The trip was full of fun and we visited numerous parts recommended for tourists.

After a four hours train ride, we arrived at New York late in the evening. Unlike other cities I have visited before, New York was still lively and people seemed to be busy even at that late hour. We went to the hotel that our parents had recommended us to settle in; there we received a warm welcoming. In that evening, all we wanted to do was to rest before an exciting adventure across New York City.

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On the first day of our trip, we visited the American Museum of Natural History. Attending this institution was rather interesting since, apart from having fun, we also learn a lot about nature, history and the museum itself. Notably, 1869 is the year the museum was established; since then it has played a major role in the tourist attraction. Furthermore, the museum hosts various exhibits of the evolving series; whenever you attend it there always will be something new to see.

After spending several hours at the museum, we proceeded to the famous Central Park. I must admit I have never imagined that this place was so beautiful. I used to hear stories about Central Park for many years from friends who had already visited the place. Central Park is a well-maintained environment with different types of vegetation within it. Apart from that, the park has a small water body where people take boat rides. On arrival, there were many people there and we were not lucky to find a ready boat to take us around the park. Regarding that, we decided just to take a walk around the park. We managed to see various indigenous trees that had funny scientific names. We did not spend much time in Central Park since the place was rather crowded.

Our next stop was at the Museum of Modern Art. The Museum of Modern Art was fairly interesting to attend considering the items they exhibited. The difference between this museum and all the others is that this one only focuses on contemporary arts. The museum was established in1929; at those times, many talents had been developing. The museum displays mainly the works performed in the recent years. The artistic impressions there varied from sculpture, paintings and even cinema. The painting that attracted my attention was the painting of the Jamaican legend, Marcus Garvey. I believe that the artist who created that work was rather talented and had a great ability to choose proper colors.

At that point, the first day of our trip was over and we went back to the hotel to have dinner and take a rest. The following three days were also fun as we visited some other sites.

Our next visit we dedicated to the Staten Island Ferry. Commuters moving from Manhattan to Staten use the Staten Island Ferry. Additionally, the ferry acts as a view site of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty. At first, my friend Ahmad and I were afraid to enter the ferry since we felt it would sink. This was because we saw that huge trucks loaded with goods entered the ferry. However, it was interesting to learn that the ferry was strong enough and such an incidence could not occur easily.


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At that point, we were near Manhattan so we decided to visit Rockefeller Center. This is the largest business center in Manhattan that offers numerous services. Apart from shopping, Rockefeller Center also offers accommodation and dining’s. The place was crowded with kids who were involved in different activities. Since it was a festive season, most families visited the place to do some shopping and having fun. Additionally, there was a large skating rink in Rockefeller Center. I have always wanted to learn skating and I thought this was the time to take my first lessons. I approached a person in charge and he gave me a chance to have a try. Despite the fact I believed that I could skate, I went sprawling on the ground just on my first turn; my friend Ahmed would not stop laughing even after we returned back home.

Moreover, on the last day of our trip, we still had two other places to visit. The first place we went to was the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building acts as a viewing center of New York City. This building is very high and, when standing on top of it, a person has a clear view of all the skyscrapers in New York City. When we arrived, we saw that many other people were interested in viewing New York from there as well. There were hundreds of people gathered on top of the building taking random views of the city’s skyscrapers. However, the place was frightening because of its height. When you look down, people in the streets and even cars look tiny. The most interesting discovery for us was that you not only see New York skyscrapers from there but also the ones in the neighboring states.

Finally, our trip was over when we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the Metropolitan Museum, we saw hundreds of art works by different people from all over the world. Despite the fact that we only managed to observe a few of them, we learnt there was a million of art works collected from all over the globe. After spending several hours there, we bid New York goodbye and were ready to return after the four days of total fun.

In conclusion, my friend Ahmed and I had a four days trip to New York during our last holidays. During the trip, we managed to visit several sightseeing places, namely Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Centre, the Staten Island Ferry, and the American Museum of Natural History among others. It was a truly exciting trip and I am looking forward to visiting this magnificent city again in the future.

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