Since early childhood, I have always been fascinated by law. Watching professional lawyers carry themselves out with extraordinary flair and flamboyance got me interested. However, that is not the main reason why law has been my career choice. Growing up in a society rife with unfair and unequal treatment especially directed to the less able, I always felt a burning desire to be one of the people who can make a difference. Coupled to that, memories of personal experience catapult me further. Having been a victim of intellectual infringement on previous occasions, I saw the need for contributing to bringing the vice to an end. My publication, The Death Penalty, Pros and Cons was wrongfully and illegally “borrowed” by a classmate. My dream was further propelled by the realization that I do not have to be a doctor or an engineer to make the much-needed difference in the world. I discovered with great humility that intellectual property law is as humbling a career as it is massive in helping the voiceless.

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My interest in law began ages ago. However, the actual journey began when I joined Kutafin Moscow State Academy Law. Sitting in the lecture halls all day and attending all classes only proved to reaffirm my belief that I had made the right choice. My Constitutional Law lecturer always reminded us that the best grades in class do not necessarily mean the best lawyer in practice. I took this in with utmost attention and since then, did all my undertakings with the shrewdness and attention for detail characteristic of an accomplished lawyer. Every class portended a step closer to my dream career. I found myself constructing invaluable associations with classmates and the lecturers, a factor that fuelled my interest in law further. Constitutional Law was more of an eye opener. Being able to make out the procedural undertakings for laws to see the light of day can be regarded as phenomenal. I consider having the opportunity to attend such classes a great opportunity to further my dream and achieve my objectives. I graduated from the same institution in 2012 having specialized in international private law.


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Currently, I work at one of the most highly ranked banks in Russia. The working experience at the bank has only served to bring my mind back on track and realize what I want to do with my time for the rest of my existence. I work at the Investment, Banking and Finance Department. By any standard and in any bank, this department would be regarded as demanding, adventurous and exciting. However, I find the demands less of my liking and the excitement fades with time. Having the same procedure of clearing cheques and balancing statements of accounts only made me realize that I was missing something. On close scrutiny and self-evaluation, I realized that the joy and accomplishment that Intellectual Property Law guaranteed is no longer available in my job in the banking sector. This instigated the need to come back home and engage in a self-satisfactory job, irrespective of the pay and returns.

With the knowledge amassed so far, the prospects in a career in Intellectual Property Law should look promising. Having learnt the English language in the United Kingdom and the United States and being fluent in Russian and Spanish, I believe I am well on the way to making a comprehensive student and subsequently an Intellectual Property Lawyer. The realization of this culminating dream will be boosted by getting a chance to study in one of the best universities, not only in the United Kingdom but in the world as a whole.

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