I believe that all human beings have a unique mission in life and I have a passionate goal of becoming a nurse specifically in the epidemiological field where I will get the chance to how patients get certain infections and why some diseases affect only some people and not others. This stems from my desire to always discover the roots of problems by assessing the reasons why it happens and what I can do to help these people. Being older and having experienced how life can affect people especially with no one to lean on for advice and sup[port during difficult times has made me realize that human beings need support and care at all times especially when they are facing challenges. This is one of the qualities required for a nurse to show love and care towards her patients, which I believe I can offer without a problem because of the vast experience I have gained as I interacted with wives and girlfriends and advised them on how to deal with the situations facing them during my husband’s deployments. I believe that a nurse has to make the quality difference in the life of a patient, which I know I can achieve because I am a person who loves to learn new things and I am always on my feet handling real issues and not sitting behind a desk signing papers or typing in the computer.

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My age and marital status should not pose a problem to my desire to be a nurse because it has helped me became mature, know how to handle issues affecting others. It has also gave me a chance to experience life in a different way than those younger than me and most importantly is the fact that I have learned to commit myself wholly to my responsibilities all of which make me a good candidate for a nursing career. I also have a desire to serve my community as a qualified professional nurse and get the chance to promote and increase the level of wellness and prevent infections through increased research in epidemiology. This way I can make a difference in my community by reducing the level of infections and improving the lifes of those around me.

I have always had a passion to help others and this is something that comes out in me every time I see someone with a problem be it a stranded wild animal, friend or stranger. I have a natural need to help others, put them under my protection and care, and help them overcome any situation that helps them. With this quality, I will be able to provide the patients with a friend a caretaker and a person they can lean on as they recover from their illnesses.


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I love challenging situations where I have to solve puzzles in how best to handle different patients facing different situations. I have a passion that drives me to look at a situation critically and collect all the information I can on a situation and look for the best way to solve it from the various alternatives that present them. Being a nurse, I will face challenging situations, which requires a logical analysis to make a correct diagnosis.

I am a good communicator and very compassionate all of which are qualities required for any one aspiring to be a successful nurse because the fiend requires a person who can interact with a patient and get information that can help the patient’s recovery and understand his or her fears. With these qualities and the academic experience, I will get during my training I believe that I can bring positive change to the lives of the patients, put a smile on their faces even if they are not feeling well, and be with them through the difficult situations they are facing.

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