The school board of governors, teachers, parents, students and all protocols observed, and I feel honored and privileged to stand before you this afternoon. It is like a dream has come true since the time I left this school I have always dreamt of coming back and sharing my emotions with you. This community took part in developing the person I am today. The memories of the beautiful tennis court are still clear in my mind, since we used to play tennis with my friends so that we could forget our meals. This school developed the teamwork spirit in me that has been practical in my life by today. I used to sit just as you are sitting in front of me when there were some special guests or a prize-giving day like today. What makes a difference between you and me is just time.

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However, you may look at me and say that I have been brought in a big and rich family, as you may tend to think. I was brought up in the village and I attended the local elementary school. I did not have an access to what most of you will consider as the necessaries in the modern world. We used to work during weekends and after school to assist our parents by the house and with other duties. I can remember the life we used to live back in the days when my parents always were insisting on the importance of education. One moment is still vivid in my mind this was when my mother had bought lantern oil as a substitute of the cooking oil. My siblings and I were not happy with the mother’s decision, but she told us something that had been in our minds until today. She said that a little investment in education is more worth more than the hundred liters of cooking oil.

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After the elementary school, I performed well but my parents could not afford the school fees to be paid for me in such a prestigious institution as this one is. Nevertheless, as the proverbs state that touching a toad cannot give you warts; or that if a child washes his hands, he can eat with kings. At that time, I was recognized for my exemplary performance by the government program, which had been introduced to help on the need of bright students. In my second year, I also received the scholarship from the organization that helped me to finish school successfully. My life as a student at this school shaped various major aspects of my life, which have enabled me to achieve some of my dreams due to various qualities developed while being at this school. For example, the teamwork has been embodied at school in a motto. The majority of people have never taken time to look and understand this motto. In our days, we used to have a school anthem that used to clearly illustrate the working in teams. Actually, I do not know if it still exists today. There were some discussion groups, the teamwork in sports and other co-curriculum activities such as music that have made us giants not only in books but also in other activities. These skills are helping me even today in my career. I am using these skills not only in my country but as well in other foreign countries.

As one more saying states is that the end justifies the means, I have not achieved my success on a silver plate. I have faced many challenges in my life. As a young man they have not deterred me from achieving my set objectives in life. There is nothing that can deter me from the determined aim. The only things that may limit your success are the beliefs that you trust in your life. The majority of people hold some self-demeaning thoughts that affect the performance and the attitude to everything. You fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes you may be in despair and feeling hopeless. This school has created the enabling environment for all of you to raise high above your own expectations. In the midst of all the challenges, I passed through the driving force that was hope for a better tomorrow.


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Currently, I am working in the international NGO, which provides some sustainable solutions of eradicating poverty to the less fortunate people living in the society. My career has been guided by my history; and my desire is to see more success and acievements of dreams. Some of you at this school have been beneficial to our organization’s programs. We feel honored and privileged at the organization level when we see people growing to more than their imagination can reach. I believe that the true success is achieved when we help more people in achieving their own goals. It is more fulfilling to see the people developing due to your own initiatives; and people should help other people as well to develop in all ways. For example, here at school, you should help your friends during the group discussions in the class and in other fields.

In conclusion, I will say that nothing should deter a person from the set goal. No number of challenges can deter the determined soul from achieving his or her objectives. As the pupils, you live here as pupils for a temporary period and within a short time, so you will leave and get to universities and colleges later. What you will achieve at this school will determine much of the direction in your life. As I have told you, teamwork skills that I have developed here before are being instrumental in my life now. I want to thank everyone in this room for your time. I look forward to working with you by any development agenda and I am glad to hear any proposals or suggestions from you. Thank you all!

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