I hereby a Russian citizen write to express myself why I migrated from Russia to the United States. Initially, we stayed in Russia with my parents who worked there. Notably, both my parents worked with non-governmental organizations and this made them to move from country to country over a short period. I had to be near them and this affected my studies too as they were shifting numerous time.

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As soon as I had started my junior education, they moved from Russia to work in a neighboring country for seven months. These movements were common and affected me since I had to change schools and even study under different curriculums often. However, four years ago, they signed a long-term working contract and agreed to move and settle in America. This is was the main reason that I emigrated from Russia to America.

While in Russia, I studied criminal justice in one of the Universities. Criminal Justice and other law related courses have always been my passion and this is the reason why I settled for that. Law surrounds us on all our daily activities and it is ideal for all of us to understand the rules of the country.

Moreover, since I was a minor, I have always had the passion of representing the less fortunate in the courts. In most both developed and underdeveloped countries, there is skeptical impunity where the less fortunate bare cases that they did not commit. The rich impose the cases on the less fortunate and the even pay for them their jail term. Additionally, the less fortunate never get justice simply because they lack anybody to represent him or her in the courts. Representation in court by a lawyer is the ideal part of a successful case. Regarding that, I have the urge to take part in the courts proceeding in the representation of the suspects to ensure that justice comes upon them.


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With the knowledge that criminal justice is my major, I intend to further my studies and gain more experience. Currently, I have only pursued my undergraduate studies under that major. However, am planning to go to another college to pursue masters and any other available degrees under that major. After the acquisition of all this knowledge, I believe I would be able to work in major courts and represent the suspects to ensure that there is justice in their cases. Moreover, I intend to join the youth forums and organizations that meet at least twice and discuss on the importance of law and justice related issues. Believably, this would sharpen my wits.

However, am not able to get myself into the United States Universities and further my studies. This is the main reason for my proposal for a scholarship. Scholarships are ideal for people who exclusively want to further their studies under the different field. With the acquisition of the scholarship, one would easily pursue their careers. Additionally, I affirm that am ready to respond to your letter of confirmation and join the University for Further Studies on my criminal justice major. I greatly appreciate for your time and hope to be considered.

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