This year marks an essential time in the history of our nation’s ladies and gentlemen. We have compromised with many promises, which have not been forthcoming. Few individuals have shortchanged the people. The progress of our country has been undermined; here comes the time when a change is inevitable. This country needs to shift from the politics of dogmatism to issue the based politics. The previous regimes have failed to deliver the people based policies. My people, you hold the future of this country in your hands. You will be determining the future country for your generation. It is a break point for this country, and I believe that with your support we will deliver a better constitution for this country and create a better country for our future generations. The budgets in this country in the recent history have been made to favor the few individuals. The poor people continue plummeting in poverty. Where is the plight of the poor ones in our country? Where is the plight of less fortunate and vulnerable in our society? It comes the time when we need to put the nation above ourselves (Thomson & Mendell, 2008).

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In our previous budget, the allocations to various important sectors in our economy have been insignificant considering the need and the importance of eradicating the poverty in our country. For example, agriculture is one of the major sources of livelihood for this nation, but the allocation made to agriculture has been less proportionate to its importance in the economy. The previous draughts and their consequences on citizens have been due to a poor planning by the government and the frameworks from our current Constitution. The proposed constitution provides a devolved system of government where people are given the priority in the decision at the federal level. The current centralized system of governance places the power on very few individuals, which makes people easily shortchanged by them. If you vote in the support of our new Constitution, you will be voting for the change to the new governance, which will be like a new dawn for this country (Patterson, 2008).

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The concentration of power at the executive level has led to the formulation and development of policies being oppressive to common citizens. For example, the increase in tax size that has been introduced on the basic consumer goods is not fair. This has increased the price of basic consumer goods like maize flour. Are these changes the things that we need? I believe that nobody will agree with these oppressive policies, and that is why we have decided that the change is inevitable for this country. Various constitution amendments have been made to the current constitution that will ensure that only a few people will ascend to power. We all desire the country where all people are equal and have the equal power to rise to the top leadership of the country. Our current constitution has been doctored to serve few people. That is why they are becoming resistant to the change. Has it not dawned on them that people are pending for the real change in this country? My people, you need to read and understand the proposed Constitution and its benefits for your country and its future development. You need to realize why our country has ragged behind in the development after 35 years of its development. The poverty levels are high, and the infrastructural development is in its pathetic state. The farmers in the rural areas cannot access the market for their farm production; neither can young people get employed (Thorburn et al., 2003).

I believe the poor Constitution is the cause of all problems affecting this country. The constitution act as a guiding principle for the country and our current Constitution is the reason behind all problems. Many great men and women have fallen in their desire to bring the new constitution into force. We will not be threatened either to fight for the new second liberation of our country. Nothing will deter us from this time from ensuring that justice is being served in this country. The judicial system has failed to deliver justice. There has been no difference between the executive and judicial system. This is because the current constitution does not deliver the proper frameworks to distinguish the roles of the executive and judicial powers. The courts have been serving to few individuals while the poor people languish in poverty and injustice. Who will bring justice to the poor if we do not change the system to favor the equality of every person? This is why this year and this moment are important in the history of our country (Thomson & Mendell, 2008).


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To reduce the poverty levels in our country we need the new constitution to change the current inefficient frameworks. These include the education system and various beneficial programs run by the government for the poor people. The current constitution cannot deliver such changes. It calls for people to act and pass on with the proposed Constitution for the real change implementation in the governance. Each person has the role of reaching more and more people; educating them on the importance of voting for the change by approving the new constitution. To develop and ensure the equality in the governance of the country’s affairs, people need to arise and impact on the necessary changes in the governance. To achieve the millennium development goals (MDG), the current constitution cannot deliver strong frameworks that will facilitate the achievement of such goals. They will need the involvement of people. The current constitution has only been successful in marginalizing our citizens. The levels of corruption in this country have been very high in the recent history due to the weak systems meant to serve few individuals. With such corruption levels, this country cannot push forward its development agendas, since the funds are constantly lost in dark deals. I believe every person wants to change from this dogmatism style of leadership to the policy-based style, which will address the needs of all people. The current constitution cannot deliver such frameworks; and that is why we need the new constitution that will change the whole system of governance (Patterson, 2008).

In conclusion, I want to say the following. My people, we need this change! This country will continue to rag behind in its development. Our people will continue languishing in poverty if we do not take any action. This time we are determined to make the real changes in our country that will see our country moving to the next level of its development agenda. The change is inevitable if the country moves from this current dogmatic style of leadership to the more policy-based approach of leadership. The proposed constitution is the turning point for this country. Every person needs to be a part of the history of this country. Each one votes for the change and development through voting for the new constitution. Thank you for your decision.

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