Communication has been a career of my choice that I wish to put more efforts in developing it to the highest level possible if opportunities present themselves. After completing my studies in June 2013 at Shoreline Community College, I wish to join University California San Diego to pursue my dream career. Communication (BA) programme offered by University California San Diego attracted me most due to its captivating modules and highly qualified faculty that will assist me to fulfill my dream.

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While studying at Shoreline Community College where I have majored in Communication, I have been awarded several scholarships for my outstanding performance. My hard working brought me an excellent GPA that was among the top one percent in the entire grade. Apart from academic knowledge in the fundamentals of communication, I found out that my strong interest in the communication applications is to communicate vividly, persuasively, clearly and effectively. I feel that a career utilizing my expertise in communication is my true calling.

My interest in communication has been how to help individuals who has a problem in expressing themselves and guide them on how they can express themselves. I can achieve by utilizing the skills I have acquired while studying communication studies such as dramatic interpretation, relationship enhancement and maintenance, conflict management, speech composition and presentation, listening, problem-solving in groups, and critical thinking. I develop this interest as a small girl when someone who wanted some help from my mother did not get at first due to poor expression. The little poor boy wanted to be helped with something to eat, but my mother could not understand what he meant since he did not use a direct description. A friend to my mother who I realized had good communication skills approach the little boy and was able to understand what he meant. Since that day, I realized communication is extremely important in our lives, and I vowed to study communication as my dream career. To fulfill my interest, I need to broaden my knowledge relating to communication both theoretically and practically.


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My interests to study communication can be traced back in the time I joined Shoreline Community College where I admired applying the knowledge I had acquired in class in real life situation. While I was undertaking my studies in college, I got a chance to work in a geracomium for three years where I had a special experience that gave me too much motive power to communicate with others. This experience challenged me, and I have made up my mind to pursue communication as my lifelong career.

Studying communication in University California San Diego will help me to achieve my goals in life because it will be a stepping stone to my dream career with which I will be able to perform excellently after the acquisition of skills and knowledge to make professional decisions and providing guidance where it is needed. University California San Diego has proved the excellence in imparting knowledge and developing competent professional to the global job market.

Attending University California San Diego will help me to secure a rare ecological niche in the field of communication. The international reputation of the communication department attracts a variety of students, and I believe it will be a stimulating environment for gaining my Undergraduate Degree. Therefore, I wish to pursue a BA (Communication) degree at University California San Diego in order to be well-equipped with the tools to cope with the communication.

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