My brother has always taught me a great deal on how to be a responsible young man. Born five years earlier than me, the age difference has made me realize the significance of being an elder brother besides being a society’s role model. While at the young age, we all grew together, walked together and slept together. Every morning our mother could wake us up, prepare our breakfast and see us off to school. I never thought of how older my brother was until when he did his final examinations and proceeded to the higher level, just leaving me behind in the same school.


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After my brother proceeding to another school, I had to change my lifestyle and adapt the situation of going to school alone. The higher level of education changed his ambitions and made him more future oriented. Whenever my brother came back home for the holidays, he could tell me how ambitious he was with big dreams of prosperity. He narrated me his hopes of owning a car and a big house in the city after finishing studies. As a little boy, I thought this was just a dream. I could not imagine him owning a car, leave alone driving in the city. Days went by, and he managed to join University for further studies in which he later graduated and secured a job with one of the best companies.

Going with his ambitions, my brother worked for a short while and bought a house together with a car as he had narrated. I could not believe how he had achieved his dream which he once kept on telling me at the tender age. From the way my brother showed his determinations, I realized that where there is a will, there is a way, and nothing is impossible under the sky. I learned a lesson on the significance of commitments, and the influence of his character has made me a man that many admire.

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