Persuasive Speech

This year marks an essential time in the history of our nation’s ladies and gentlemen. We have compromised with many promises, which have not been


Introduction I hereby a Russian citizen write to express myself why I migrated from Russia to the United States. Initially, we stayed in Russia with

Self-Introductory Speech

The school board of governors, teachers, parents, students and all protocols observed, and I feel honored and privileged to stand before you this afternoon. It

Statement of Career Goals

I believe that all human beings have a unique mission in life and I have a passionate goal of becoming a nurse specifically in the

Statement of Purpose

Since early childhood, I have always been fascinated by law. Watching professional lawyers carry themselves out with extraordinary flair and flamboyance got me interested. However,

The First Time I Did Not Smile

I was spiritually naked for the first time in summer after my fifteenth birthday. That summer, I was one of fifteen students on a wilderness

The Question of Homosexuality

Introduction The issue of whether society should or should not embrace homosexuality brings to the fore the attendant global polarization on this subject. Arguments have

Trip to New York

Introduction During our last holidays, my friend Ahmed and I went for a trip to New York and stayed there for four days. The trip

What Did You Think of This Class?

I like Ethnic and I would like to continue attending this class in future. It has provided me with key knowledge on this subject. During

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