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I find myself excited once I remember my childhood events. These memories drive me to the pick of the events, and everything that I once indulged myself, especially my playing at the beach in the coastal region. As a child brought up in a humble family, I once had an opportunity to live near the coastal region together with my parents- a privilege many would wish to enjoy and the desire to live in such demanding place. I had the pleasure to travel along the coastal region and meet friends who made their ways to the coastal beaches together with their loved parents and relatives during the holidays. What I clearly remember is how we used to swim and play at the beach and running after each other in a friendly mood, once tired of swimming in the salty waters.

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However, I have realized when I replicate my childhood, it is not the type of play that comes to my mind but the kind of friends I used to meet on the beach and the experience I received, which depict it as an enjoyable and memorable playground. My memorable occasion I remain to remember is the beautiful scenery and the rich, smooth, and fine sandy ground of the coastal region where we used to play. I remember the cool breeze with the sweet scent of the sea, the prolonged water waves, and the fresh air from the ocean, which I enjoyed while playing and running after my friends. The waves from the ocean water, which could keep on sweeping the beach and take away our improvised balls on return, making us run after them increasing the excitement and the joy to play, resulting to a desirable occasion and game that one would wish to enjoy. Whenever the balls were swept by the prolonged wave, we could run after them and whoever got the balls back could be seen as a warrior and therefore was to own the ball. We would run after him/her to recover it, and repeat the same to continue the game. The number of times one could own the ball was to determine the warrior of the game. Besides our desire to play, we could keep watch for the balls not to be swept away by the waves and if swept, then run after them to avoid them from being taken into the Deep Sea by the waves.


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Whenever it was a holiday, I could wake up at the reasonably early time, do any available work that my parents would have assigned me as my daily or routine work, and spare enough time to go and play at the beach with my friends, preferably in the afternoons. This occasion made me interact with many people from different cultures and backgrounds and hence made me know how to handle with people of different cultures and ethnicities with different personalities. This taught me a great deal and improved my interpersonal relationship skills. Sometimes I could experience friends who were so arrogant and furious but I could device a mechanism to handle them the way they were and this made both of us fair to each other.

My desire to meet friends grew more and more because of my experiences while playing at the beach. This taught me a great deal, made me more social, and enhanced my psychological growth. My interaction with new friends of different background taught me to be social and friendly. Hardly did I know that such experience of my memorable playground would make me a great leader with a great influence on the mass and the people I now lead.

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