I believe in my parents. When I was a child, in my culture it was normal to go playing outside without wearing shoes. My parents always blamed me why I did not wear my shoes before going outside. The blame was always bothering me. I had no idea why they were continually doing that. In addition, before going to school they were giving me a lot of advice, and several prayers highlighting that may God save me especially my mother. She has a sweet heart. I could not find an interpretation for that treatment of my parents, why are they taking care of me so much. I could not understand why they did not they allow me to play until midnight. I kept asking myself why they did not do to me whatever I wanted. My parents hate me. That is what lingered in my mind. That exactly what was I saying when I was a child. Now, I know the cause behind that. I fully understood what they meant by each action they did for me. In 2010, I got married, and I was so excited. It was a great and long waited event in my life. First days of marriage seemed fine, but the turning point in my life was when my wife told me that she got pregnant. What a great happiness I had at that moment?


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However, what made me happier, when we went to the hospital to determine the sex of the baby through an ultrasound, and the doctor told us that my wife had a girl. All of my family’s kids are boys. Those days of pregnancy seemed like years, but eventually, it came time for my wife to give birth. Eventually, my daughter was born, and everything in my life changed completely. Being a parent is not a joke, being a parent is not a game, being a parent means many responsibilities are pending. I never even imagined loving my daughter this much. I knew having a baby was an achievement since you graduate to be a parent, but I never expected that my feeling would be such high toward my daughter. I am sorry my parents. I thought you heated me. Now I know the true and the deep meaning of being parents love. I believe in parent. If I could revert time, I could be very excited to listen to the advice of my parents because now I understand why they loved me.

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