A collage that I have created represents my family. It contains nine different pictures each symbolizing unique part of our family’s lifestyle. The pictures include charity donation, a record player, church, pillar, heart, battery, bright flower, bed and bunch of sports. This paper aims at discussing the relevance of each picture to my family.

On the first picture is my mother with some children at an orphanage home. She used to go to the orphanage home and the children at the orphanage liked her to an extent that they referred to her as “mum”. She did not work at this home but from time to time come to visit children and to make some donations. She not only visited the orphanage but homes for the old people and participated in other community services such as teaching the community members on matters relating to health issues, caring for women living with HIV/AIDS. She likes charity work and all other family members have embraced it. Currently, all my family members make contribution including collections and donations from friends towards charity work. Therefore, my family is very passionate about charity work.

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The second picture is of a record player. It represents history or the past that the current generation is able to find through listening. The picture reminds me of my father’s love for games and the stories he narrated to us about games and funs he experienced being young. My parents have always narrated to us different stories ranging from fun to sad ones. My friends sometimes join us to listen to the firsthand information about how people lived in the past… Story telling is a unique activity, which gathers our family and friends.

The picture of the church represents my family’s spiritual life. My family subscribes to the doctrines of Roman Catholic. We attend church services every Sunday and this has helped us to grow spiritually. Every night before anyone retires to bed all of us get together to pray as a family. This is to submit ourselves and everything we did to God. We also pray for others, their needs and for their prayers to be answered. We thank God for everything and ask Him to help for those in need.

The picture of a pillar represents our future life when the children would separate from the parents’ house. As we live and grow in the parents’ house it is like we are building our house starting from the foundation. The future life partly depends on how the parents have raised us up. The pillar symbolizes the construction of the separate residence and its strength and durability depends on how well the foundation was made. Our parents have been so helpful to us in everything we need. They have always provided us with the basic needs. This includes the good education which will provide us with the lucrative job. They understand that their efforts toward our education will benefit us and allow the parents to be proud. Their prayers and material provision and the heart of giving they have inculcated in us will create a beautiful family even when the children will move and start their own life elsewhere.


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The picture of a heart e represents the love that my family shows to our neighbors. My family is always guided by biblical teachings. We always pray and endeavor to emulate the ways of Jesus Christ. The Bible says “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. With the presence of love in my family, peace has always prevailed and this has been extended to those around us.

The sixth picture is the battery with a lot of positive energy. It represents the positive energy that my family possesses and the readiness to help those in need. My family gets the positive energy from material food, spiritual food, and the encouragement from each other and all of these keep us moving. Besides, my family always shares the energy sources with the needy people. We donate food, other materials, share the word of God and also give encouragement statements to those who have lost the hope in life.

The picture of a bright flower in a dark room symbolizes the ability of my family to make good things even from the awful situations. It is the spirit of optimism and the positive effort my family put towards bringing the change. My family believes that nothing bad is permanent.

The picture of the bed represents the comfort one can look for whenever he or she faced with obstacles. Although my family is always optimistic in overcoming the life challenges, my parents encourage us to always have a relaxed mind while tackling problems. Such an attitude enables us to make unemotional and conscious decisions.

The last picture shows a bunch of sports. It represents how important my family regards being healthy and active. My parents were sportsmen in the past and their stories have encouraged my siblings to take up various sports activities. The sport interests of my family are football, hockey, tennis and basketball. It enables us to remain physically and mentally fit.

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