According to the IOM report, General role of nurses in American health care should grow. The first aspect that has to be changed is nursing education. This is so for a number of reasons. The first reason is that if training and study processes are improved with numerous opportunities for practice for nurses, this will produce the needed effect on the quality of nursing education in general. However, the major influence will be seen in the future during the training and practice period. One very important point in the whole idea to reformat education and the whole healthcare system is that there are certain barriers for nurses that are already evident.

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The factors that may cause problems and actually create certain inconveniences even nowadays include such points as the transition of nurses from being students to nursing practitioners. High level of fragmentation is common for the healthcare system in the US. Nevertheless, some actions are taken by the government as well as plans are made to improve the situation in the sphere of nursing education. These include providing grants and scholarships for nurses, increasing salary rates depending on the level of education, and ensuring the increase of prestige of this profession that is going to influence the status of medical workers and nurses in particular in a positive way.

At the same time, the situation may turn out differently and negatively influence the perception of this profession by future or current medical students. This may cause a decrease in a number of medical students. This is a questionable point and the government has to be careful while making any changes considering health care education in order to prevent any unpredictable situations. As for the nurses, they might be delighted by the fact that their profession is going to become increasingly important in the global healthcare in the nearest future. This fact may be of great importance and may become a stimulus for nurses to become better and continue their education.

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The plan of the IOM report is to show the strong need for the continuous process of education and getting higher degrees in medical healthcare. It shows the importance of knowledge of the primary care for nurses, which they are supposed to provide to their clients. The problem is that not all nurses might believe in the importance of constant learning and it is the task of the government to provide the best opportunities for those who continue studying.

As for the healthcare, it has become more complicated and diverse so that successful learning greatly depends on the quality of primary care. This fact proves the importance of collaborative work of nurses with other medical professionals like physicians, pharmacists, social workers, and other professionals.

Nurses have several ways to change their practice after graduation. One of such ways is to participate in various internship programs that suggest great opportunities of practice for such students. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to feel the profession from the inside during the process of studying and participate in a research, which is also beneficial for their studying process.


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Internship programs offer practice where nurses can gain professional experience under the attentive supervision of qualified professionals. They can also feel a general importance and higher level of prestige of this profession. Working with physicians and other health professionals improves leadership qualities in nurses, which makes the process of medical system reconstruction work positively and constantly. But this does not mean that all nurses who work with other health professionals will become leaders. On the contrary, the ideas of education and practice reformatting, as well as collaborative work with qualified specialists, will help nurses take advantage of leadership and work as equal partners with professionals. High level of responsibility and close partnership with professionals make the dynamic realization of established reformatting goals in the healthcare system of the US.

Nurses will understand the importance of their decisions as well as take equal part in the creation of medical policies that will be created and not only followed by them. This category of workers should also be a constant partner during various medical commissions and take an active part in making decisions concerning the process of reformatting the healthcare system in general. The reason for this is that nurses see problems and think of possible resolutions from the inner side. This is another positive side of cooperation of medical workers on all levels while providing healthcare services to people who need it.

The sphere of development of leadership qualities should cover all establishments where nurses can reveal their activity or use their medical knowledge in practice. Hospitals, various communities, boards and schools as well as other institutions should be a sphere of nurses’ activity. This will give them a chance to see the importance of their actions and to prove to themselves the necessity of remodeling actions for the success of medical care. Such attitude is necessary for the quality and success as well as for the development of healthcare at all levels. The leadership of all participants in the process is an essential part of the positive change in the healthcare system. Present nurses, students of the nursing field together with qualified professionals will see the importance of their role in the collaborative work on all levels. The process of rebuilding the healthcare system covers all spheres of professional growth of nurses and their development during their work and practice. The success of each part of this process makes a positive contribution to the quality changes of nursing in the future.

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