International Hr Unit 8 Q1

International Human Resource Manager has various key duties such as staffing, training and development, labor relations, compensation and performance evaluation. As an IHRM in a drug manufacturing company, it is advisable to adhere to Ethical Universalist considered as the standard ethics. This belief is universally correct and applicable to all people who are similarly situated. Ethical universalism aims at establishing basic ethical standards, which are acceptable to all mankind. They live by them and agree upon making it appropriate for an international management (Moti, 2013).


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An IHRM may not choose either Ethical relativist or Ethical Absolutist because a number of reasons. For instance, Ethical absolutism is not the right choice because its basic principles tend to be extremely simple and thus difficult to consider exceptions. It holds that in a management system instructions must be adhered to without creating room for exceptional cases. This makes it inappropriate especially when operating in a dynamic environment that necessitate timely planning and organizational changes (, 2005).

On the other hand, Ethical relativism believes that what one person perceive to be true, to another person it may not be true; also what is right tforone culture will not be necessarily right to another. Therefore, to ethical relativism theorist, there are no moral rights or wrong, meaning no universally accepted principles. In this belief, a manager cannot object anyone’s action on moral grounds since everyone is free to do whatever he/she want. To the ethical relativism, courts do not exist since no one has grounds to judge or compare moralities. It is not appropriate for an IHRM to choice this belief because it does provide room for considering feelings of other people in a different culture or country. Such a manager must always strive to achieve operational uniformity in all the countries of operation (Moti, 2013).

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