OSHA record keeping requirements, employers should make and keep records of serious accidents at the work place. This helps employees and OSHA to evaluate the work place in terms of its safety and hence put in place safety measures in protection of the employees. This eliminates or reduces hazards at the work place. Every employee according to the requirements is to keep the record of any death of an employee at their work place whether or not it is work related. Therefore, new employees will know what to avoid in the work place hence will reduce the occurrence of death at the work place.


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Employers covered under OSHA act are supposed to report to OSHA any accidents occurred at the workplace or any case of a hospitalized employee because of injuries at work place within eight hours. This helps OSHA to evaluate dangerous workplaces and even shut them down if the death toll and rates are alarming. For employer’s workplaces do not fall under partially exempt industry must put down each death record in OSHA form 300. Low hazard places, real estate industries and finance insurance are examples of places classified as partially exempt industries.

Taking into account the fact that at the most workplaces fatal accidents may happen, special records are made which ensure the employers to create more secure conditions for their employees. OSHA also requires employers to record illnesses and accidents attended by a qualified physician, who provide the first aid whether or not it results in death to ensure employers to call for medical help for their employees. Injuries to report include amputations, cuts, fractures and sprains but not only limited to them. Illnesses to record include acute or chronic skin diseases, respiration disorders and poisoning. This serves as a warning to employees of dangerous workplaces. It also ensures there is the minimal spread of highly contagious diseases at work places.

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