Professionals who provide services to their esteemed customers like a bank teller, a nurse or a flight attendant need to be properly equipped with service management skills that comprise of technical/operational skills, human interaction skills and marketing skills. For instance,  a bank teller is required to have technical skills to carry out financial transactions at their place of work as well as to tackle software technicalities associated with the facilities, like computers, which they use during transactions. The bank tellers also need to be well endowed with human interaction skills, therefore, they can be able to relate with their customers in a much professional but friendly manner. In addition, they need marketing skills so that they can be able to market or sell the services they are providing to their esteemed customers efficiently and productively. The discussed skills differ from those of someone working in a factory because the latter importantly need to be equipped with technical skills which are the vital one in his/her place of work, but does not necessarily need human interaction and marketing skill because they have little or no interaction with customers (Hisrich, R, & Brush, C. 1984)

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Firms and industries have varied ways of recruiting staff; while some will prefer using the hiring criteria, some will prefer to train their own staff. The implications associated with hiring staff, a firm may hire personnel whose training and qualification are not directly connected with the field of employment, this will, in turn, lead into inefficiency in production and the maximum output will not be met; there will not maximum utilization of employees’ skills and practice. On the other hand, other firms will opt to train their own employees as it ensures that they are well equipped with the necessary skills associated with their line of productivity. In addition, while improving to a greater level, the guarantee of employees’ loyalty towards the firm is questioned. (Hisrich & Brush, 1984)

In operations management, thinking process as a planning process itself entails applying methodological elements such as innovations, strategic planning and operational planning which are the key factors to achieving goals and objectives in any business enterprise or firm. The experiences of any other firm cannot be used as a solid evaluation basis for its future operations if its main goal is the success. Actually, to make any additional value for customers, executives of any enterprise need to evaluate how to plan operations strategically; determine how and when to conduct its operations; to think what operations to conduct and why they should be achieved. To imply creativity, innovations, and conducting research about the targeted customers are the tasks of the day.

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In schooling, thinking process plays a very significant part in the academic sphere of a student. Thinking process helps a student at the primary stage to grasp an idea. Perceiving the basic information and theories about a given topic of study, it requires of him/her to employ thinking process in order to internalize that concept in the best-intended manner. Moreover, after grasping the basic ideas about a concept, it is of more importance that the information should be relevant to the student, so he will be able to apply the acquired knowledge. The teachers’ aim is to enrich students with information, besides, they should ensure that it is understandable and applicable to them. This can be achieved by bringing up questions during the session that will help to expand the students understanding of relayed information. Hence thinking process will enable the students to pass their tests because they will perform the gained knowledge (Garfield .J.B 1994).


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It is my cherished ambition to work in the service providing industry after graduation. Moreover, I have the passion for service Providence to the people of this great nation. The U.S. manufacturing sector has played a very significant role in the growth of the U.S. economy for a very long time, since the 1920s. It has stayed steady and competed favorably on the global scale when placed at the same level with countries such as China, Japan and Germany. This sector is currently expanding that rate of the gross domestic product. The sector can actually be said to be responsible for improving living standards in the U.S. Despite losing market shares both locally and abroad to more sophisticated rivals in countries like China and Germany, it still enjoys large trade surpluses in other industries. According to recent studies, it is prospected that in the near future, U.S. will experience manufacturing renaissance as the wage gap with countries like China shrink while some of its states provide much cheaper locations for manufacturing to the first world nations. To support the idea we may observe that some producers from other nations like BMW moving their production activities to the states in the USA, producing, and exporting the cars from there. In addition, some USA companies that had moved to carry out production in other countries, like NCR, however, some of them are moving back, which becomes promising for the U.S. economy (Bernard A. B. et al 1995).

The qualities of goods and services that we expect to get when we make a purchase may differ for some reasons but some things opt to be in utmost condition or state. Goods will vary according to individual prices, brands and quality. Getting sub standard good is what no one anticipates. I have personally been offended when I walked into a shop to purchase baking flour, paid for it; got home and I realized that the expiry date of the flour had passed. That was the experience that taught me to be more attentive while buying anything.

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