Human resource management department deals with recruiting and managing personnel and ensures that the business gets the best results with its employees. Therefore, human resource department is involved in coordinating all business departments to ensure the high-quality labor and the employees’ rightful compensation for the work. Thus, the human resource is responsible for the business assessment based on the professionalism of its workers. This paper discusses the importance of human resource management in relation to HRM at Apple Inc and Google.

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Importance of Human Resource Management

According to Newell & Scarbrough (2002), human resource management (HRM) in business has two important tasks: instituting schemes and policies and recruiting personnel. It increases HRM’s importance in a business enterprise. HRM ensures that the business has properly skilled personnel. It is gained by selection and retention of employees in the process of recruitment. Having the right people in strategic departments such as sales and marketing has made Apple Inc. more competitive in the personal computer industry. The Apple’s HR is responsible for ensuring that staff realizes the career plans.

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HRM is responsible for setting the rates of employees’ compensation and rewards. In addition, the HR at Google ensures that staff incentive depends on the position of the employee. Thus, this responsibility affects every employee in the business. If the HRM does not execute this responsibility well, it will lead to employees’ dissatisfaction, which can affect the business. Therefore, HRM should ensure that incentives are in tandem with the responsibilities of each employee. For example, HRM at Google offers a variety of benefits to its employees. While benefits packages vary depending on factors such as location and employment status, HRM at Google has common benefits for its employees including insurance coverage, flexible spending accounts, and employee stock purchase program.

Similarly, Muller-Camen, Croucher & Leigh (2008) observe that HR is responsible for stimulating productivity in the business by appraising the performance of each employee on a regular basis. For instance, each individual’s performance at Google is evaluated to ensure that the company does not harbor non-performing employees. It helped the company to excel its competitors such as Yahoo and Baidu. Thus, HRM evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of every employee with the aim of effecting change in strategy.


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Consequently, HRM strikes a balance between the expectations of employee and the business. In order to be successful, the Apple fulfills the expectations of each stakeholder. It’s HRM is responsible for identifying the skills of employees and match them with the expectations of the business, by nurturing corporate diversity among its staff. Apple Inc employs people of different cultures and backgrounds ensuring the diversity of skills at the company. The HRM keeps track of the expectations from both sides ensuring that they are met. Kraines (2001) observes that it ensures the employees’ motivation to do their work effectively. Jackson & Schuler (2003) state that motivation of employees reduces staff turnover and minimize employees’ absenteeism.

Sadri (2009) observes that employees have questions about their work. Such questions may relate to responsibilities, remunerations, or any other issue concerning the business. Google’s HRM encourages its employees to respond to dynamic work environment depending on customers’ demands. In such cases, HRM acts as a point of contact between the employee and the customers. Thus, HRM provides guidance and directions for the issues addressed by both sides. In essence, HRM provides the employee with comfort and assurance that Google cares about their concerns and is willing to help them. HRM ensures that there is teamwork between employees and the management of Google.

In conclusion, HRM plays a crucial role in making the business succeed in a competitive environment. It is agreeable that without a strong HRM department, a business cannot survive the chaos in the working environment.

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