The Behaviour of the Teacher

The teacher should behave in a way that will create a good rapport with the students. The teacher is also expected to be good to the students so that the latter feel free to learn in the class. Moreover, the teacher should be patient with the students and understand that they are involved in the process of studying and it will take some time for them to put their knowledge into practice. However, the teacher is also expected to behave in such a manner that the students will not misbehave in his/her class and will show respect towards him.

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The Behaviour of Students

The students are expected to behave in a manner that will give their teachers opportunity to teach. Secondly, they are not supposed to disrupt the learning process for the rest of the class. Thirdly, the students’ behavior should follow the norms of the society they live in. The students are expected to exhibit conformity to what they have been taught.

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What the Classroom Might Look and Feel Like

The classroom should be an environment that encourages the learning process. Everything done in the classroom should be aimed at improving the place to be better for the learning. A classroom should also be comfortable enough for the students to study and make mistakes. At the same time, it should be comfortable for the teacher to work in so that he can do the job satisfactorily.

The Teacher and His Role in Proper Behaviour of the Students

In order to teach students proper behavior, the teacher needs to tell them what they ought to do. Additionally, the teacher should check if what he taught is done. To make it easy for students to follow the instructions the teacher should inspire them showing the benefits of the good conduct and the adverse effect in case of the ill conduct. Lastly, the teacher should punish every deliberate misconduct of the students.


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The Actions of the Teacher in case of Misconduct

First of all, the teacher should consider the destructive effect the action has on class work and society in general. After the assessment, the teacher should decide what kind of punishment, if any, the action deserves. Provided that the action deserves a punishment the student is punished accordingly. If according to the teacher’s consideration, the action does not deserve to be punished, the teacher ought to guide the student towards the right way of conduct.

How Should the Students be Taught What is Expected of Them?

Young children should be taught what to do using such methods as appreciation, gifts and punishment. Those students who are 8 should be taught what to do using the approval if they behave as expected and disapproval if they do not do what has been taught. As for the students of the secondary school, they should be taught how to behave by showing them the benefits of the conduct they are learning. However, all students ought to be punished as part of the learning process if they do not behave properly.

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