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With the dynamic change in the way information and research works get passed from one medium to the other, the need to familiarize with the latest technology grows. With the vast collaboration solutions, communicating is no longer marginalized nor held back by distance and time difference.

In a matter of seconds, the Internet can be manipulated into giving information about a particular topic and even people. It is simple one global village that is set on uniting the world. The best news is that with the passing of the day new and easier search engines and web pages are being created.

As a student, I can access my teacher before going for my lecturers. My teachers are able to talk to the whole class even over the holidays since the use of email enables anyone to send mail to multi numbers at the same time. This saves both the teachers and students time and emotional stress. It sharpens the student’s ability to manipulate the internet and understand how certain formats work.

The fact that the internet can be accessed anytime where there is network plays a major role in eradicating traveling expenses and time spent on trips. As a student in Eastern Europe, I can do my assignments and be able to talk to my friends in America without the fear of “closing time”. When it comes to collaborating and managing the Information systems, one needs to acquire the skill of being flexible and being susceptible to change. The searching skills are improved every time one uses the Information system. It takes practice and effort to be able to change automatically from searching on an ordinary Symbian phone to a smartphone to a notebook.


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