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Al Mashreq Bank Information System

Al Mashreq Bank is among the renowned financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates. The bank is tactically present in various regions of the world,

Biocon India

Strategic Management Analysis of Biocon India Nowadays, the pharmaceutical industry is among the most competitive industries in the world because of the constant demand for its

Business Proposal (Carrefour)

Business Proposal This is the proposal of a business, called Carrefour, which is the fourth largest group in the world that deals with retail. The

Change Management

Organizational changes are inevitable that any organization must undergo, especially in the wake of increasing competition. However, change as a concept is widely misunderstood with

Change Management Capability

The contemporary business environment requires organizations to keep up with the fast pace of changes that are occurring around them. Political, economic, social, technological, and

Change Management Insights

A Case for the Change The merging of two universities is the foundation for a better education system sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Collaboration and Management Information Systems

With the dynamic change in the way information and research works get passed from one medium to the other, the need to familiarize with the

Communication in the Planning Process

Just like another organizations, health care organizations require good strategic planning can enable them rem to in relevant in their ever changing and turbulent environment.

Comparative Case Study of VW Group and Hyundai Group

Executive Summary My primary area of concern is the transport industry sector as it is an industry with steady changes, filled with firms constantly fighting

Construction Site Safety

Most of the injuries and fatalities that occur at construction sites are preventable and can be minimized if employees at these sites are provided with