Francis Lam has done a lot of work in the food business. He is on television as a judge on Top Chef Masters. He is also a Features Editor on the website the Gilt Taste. Francis Lam is also a commentator on the Cooking Channel’s Food(graphy) show and has an active twitter. Lam was a senior writer at and an editor at Gourmet magazine and has had many articles published in Best Food Writing from 2006 to 2011.

It seems like Lam is a food critic. The trend seems to be that many of these articles end with a question, (“Is the signature dish outdated?”,”Is the rise of food prices all that bad?”, “Is it racist to ban shark’s fin soup?”), showing that Lam writes about debated topics on food. There are also many articles that are commentaries on new foods he has tried. “Durian: The King of Fruits is an angry king” talks about how he tries the fruit that smelled so bad that subways in Singapore won’t let someone on with them, and “Taco Bell’s shrimp burritos: Fishily delicious!” is a review of a new item on a fast food menu.

I typed in “Sushi” to Google News. I found that many of the articles had nothing to do with sushi. It was interesting that the first result, “A National Push to Separate Sushi from Sake”, was about sake instead of sushi. I also found the article “Think You Ate Tuna Sushi for Lunch?” very scary. I found a few more articles that were local restaurant reviews. I liked the article “Sushi students are ready to roll”, as it shared how sushi chefs trained in the United States. When I searched “Sushi Jiro”, I found mostly movie reviews. “Dreaming of sushi with Jiro Ono” was interesting because his wife was the one answering the questions.

I asked my mother about sushi. She said she liked sushi a lot and would eat it every day, but can’t because it is very expensive. My mother also said that she did not watch the movie yet. I asked my friend1 about it, and he said that he had never had sushi before, but was still interested in seeing the movie. I also asked friend2 about sushi, and she said she loved sushi and wishes she could make it herself. My friend said that she has never heard of the movie before, but has a desire to watch it because it might help her learn how to make sushi.


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