The death penalty has always been a serious issue for debates. In different countries, there is a different attitude to this procedure and it is difficult to agree on one opinion. Personally, I support the idea that death penalty should be cancelled.

Some people think that capital punishment can be a good example for others it could stimulate them not to act against the law. The death penalty is a good way to make an order in a country, to frighten people and make them not to break rules. Also, when capital punishment exists, the government does not spend money to keep life imprisonment criminals in prisons. Seems that death penalty has enough advantages to exist. However, I support the idea that death penalty should be canceled.

The question is if other people have a right to take someone’s life? There are some ethics principles in society according to which we live. One of them is the principle of Human Dignity. This “unwritten law” consists of human rights, rights for each individual that lives on our planet, and the first of them probably the most important, is the right to life. It means that every person has his/her own right to life and how can another individual decide if to take someone’s life or not? Where are the proofs or laws that people could act like this? This question stays without an answer and for sure, the death penalty is against at least one ethic principle, the principle of Human Dignity.

Despite the meaning that everyone has his own opinion, we need to consider that mistakes sometimes happen and there is no guarantee that the government cannot make a mistake and execute the innocent person. If this happens, who will be responsible for such an action? To my mind due to such reasons as acting against the ethic principle and possibility of a mistake, the death penalty should be taken off and criminals should be allowed to lead his normal life at the expenses of the Department of Corrections.


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