Each country tries to make its natural recourses the part of the state tourism company, develop and use for economical benefits. Now the exclusive Jefferson Pools with its natural spring waters of the Jefferson Pools and pure mountain ginseng attracts attention not of so many tourists as it used to in previous century. There are a lot of peculiarities of this plays such as the architecture of Warm Springs Hotel and Mineral Springs, a possibility of relieving stress and enjoying massage by having the water pour over them as they sit, that can be very magnet for people to come here. For public Warm Springs Hotel and Mineral Springs, that are located in Warm Springs, Bath County, Virginia, can become the best place for the rest and relax. This health resort is a part of The Homestead resort hotel. The Gentlemen’s Pool House is known as the unique first spa that had ever been in the United States. Each of us, evidently, knows the value of water therapy. And these pieces of knowledge were also known to ancient Indians who brought this long-established tradition to us with the Virginia hot springs. Before the 20th century, it was known as “Warm Spring Pools” but then the pools were renamed for Thomas Jefferson and changed to “Jefferson Pools”. He was a great fan of spa and in 1818 even proclaimed the spring waters to be “of the first merit.” (Worsham, Gibson)

In order to restore its former glory and to renovate the pools we have to make the investors, both state and proper, become interested in this resort. Here we recollect the information about history, that also includes the progressive history from the Indians, and architectural peculiarity of this place, information about how the Springs influenced the development of the economy and culture Warm Springs and Bath County. From this follows the analysis and wider discussion of the development of the pools, the Warm Springs Inn, the Warm Springs Hotel, The Homestead resort, and the current efforts to restore the pools.

Such approach as quantitative research will be used in our proposal. That means that in order to get enough information we use the most common research methods, such as literature searches, talking with people (we meet with customers and suppliers of the pools), focus groups – our group of 6(here the customer is to clarify) participants will meet and discuss the urgent questions concerning the Warm Springs), personal interviews, and internet surveys. We will analyze the data from different sources such as books, reviews, internet sites, documents, interviews on history, architecture, economical influence and today’s situation of the pools.

When we focus on history, it becomes clear that the past of Warm Springs, Jefferson Pools in Warm Springs is a glorious legend. These “not just a couple of springs” (Anne Adams) marked the start of Bath Country increase and attracted many famous visitors. It also touches the progressive history from the Indians as it is known that these buildings were well-known among Native Americans, who inhabited that area. They are considered to be the first who first “revealed” the mineral waters in Warm Springs in the 1600s.

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There is a legend about an Indian scout, who being too tired to continue his trip, collapsed into the Springs’ waters and slept there all night long. In the morning he felt extraordinary power and he could run without a rest for two days. In addition “the springs had given him such sagacity and eloquence that he was elected to lead all of the tribes.”

The Springs helped to develop economy and culture Warm Springs and Bath County. It became popular and even prestigious among the aristocracy of Virginia in the late 1700s to go up to the springs pools in the beginning of summer and to move from one spring to another. When the pools became known for their curative powers, invalids became to visit the springs in order to better their health. (Form 10-300 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR)

By the early 1740s, some simple wooden guest cabins were built near the springs, the pools were made deeper. In 1763, Col. George Washington and Thomas Bullet signed an agreement. According to it, the Hot Springs were to be developed into a spa resort. After that, the Lewis brothers obtained the land with the mineral springs and began to build there hotels and entertainments.

Under his able direction, the spring pools were improved, additional cabins constructed, and in fact a rustic, one story wooden lodge accommodating about 15 guests was completed in 1766, and it is believed that he named it The Homestead, honoring the homesteaders who had settled here and were responsible for its construction and the operation of his new spa resort. (Anne Adams, 2005)

The Lewis brothers doubtless developed the Warm Springs. The first octagonal public formation was opened to June 1, 1761. It is now known as the oldest spa structure in the USA.

The architectural peculiarity of the Warm Springs lies in gentlemen’s and lady’s huge pools, that are 120 and 150 feet in perimeter. The unusually sparkling water “flows at the rate of 1,200 gallons a minute. The temperature is uniformly 98 degrees.” (McAllister, Joseph Thompson)

The men’s bath house at Warm Springs was built in 1761. Its structure is simple one-story octagonal one. It was functionally designed and had no items of architectural decoration. It has two entrances with overhanging gables that seams to be the only peculiarity of this building. The dressing rooms were added later and had nothing extraordinary.

The women’s bath house was built in 1836. It was built as a large enough twenty-sided structure. The difference with the men’s bath house is that it “is covered with vertical siding and is, surrounded by an enclosed gallery covered by a shed roof which contains the individual dressing booths.” (Form 10-300 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR…)

Today the Jefferson Pools are considered to be the same mineral content as the most famous European resorts and is resisted both as national and historical landmarks. Thermal pools are no longer thought-out to cover a true medicinal power that is why they attract fewer clients than in previous centuries. However, the current efforts to restore the pools are made. Local businessmen and proper owners play the most important role in restoring the Springs. There are now many hotels near the springs and each proprietor tries to purchase the resort in order to restore the property to its original glory. A lot had been already done such as re-drilling of the hot springs, adding of mineral spring’s spa tubs. It is also notable that additional popular ventures such as elegant wedding receptions, seminars, grand galas, workshops, are suggested to hold in the nearest hotels. These all attract more public’s attention and one day the Mineral Springs will be of the same popularity as many years ago.


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