Supernatural powers are used to influence a person’s mind, this is mostly exploited in relationship issues where people believe that one can make another person love you or hate someone else using this powers. They are also used for extra sensory perception and achieve communication that is not normal for common human beings as if some people have the ability to communicate with the dead or their spirits. They are used to manipulate the will of others by making them carry out activities that favor the person who has gone to seek the help of these supernatural powers (Kreider & DeGrasse, 2011).

They are used to control energy (generation, conversion and manipulation). This idea is exploited by witches who can channel energy from the sun or the moon to enable them to carry out some specific spells. They are used to change a person’s location or the location of another person, this reinforces the theme of people having the ability to disappear and appear in another place. They are used to change body shapes and appearance of structures and animals. This explains the theme that people have the ability to transform into other creatures like animals and then change back to their original form once their task has been completed. They are used to alter perceptions of people on certain things, this also exploited in the theme of love where supernatural powers are used to alter the perceptions of others to love or hate some people (Kreider & DeGrasse, 2011).

Supernatural powers are used to control weather patterns and this leads to the idea of rainmakers in some communities who have the ability to influence the weather patterns and make it rain during dry periods. Supernatural powers are also used to predict future events. In reference to this theme, some people are believed to be seers and fortune tellers, this supernatural power to predict future events.


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In Othello, the handkerchief incidence illustrates the use of supernatural powers, whereby, the argument with Desdemona after misplacement of the handkerchief shows that their association was not that of love rather the use of supernatural powers of magic to forge their union. Thus, the loss of that handkerchief was going to be the end of their relationship as it was the binding factor.

In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh tries to seek the powers of the gods to make him immortal but does not succeed illustrating the use of supernatural powers to transform a person from one state to another. In this case, Gilgamesh wants to be transformed into an immortal being (Shakespeare & Sanders, 1984).

In The Book of Genesis, God uses supernatural powers to wipe out the entire world except for Noah and his family by controlling the weather patterns and leading to floods that wipe out the entire world. Another illustration of supernatural powers is Satan’s ability to transform into a serpent and deceive Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. The incidence of Cain and Abel when Cain slays Abel and God curses Cain by influencing the way of thinking and perception of other people so that he will never be accepted wherever he goes.

In Medea, she uses her powers as a witch to gain what she wants and for revenge, illustrating the use of supernatural powers to alter people’s minds and their perception for her own benefit (Collier, 2006).

In The Tales of Canterbury, the young knight who gets punished by the queen for rape is made to believe that women should govern over their husbands and counter the supernatural belief that men are superior to women and thus should always be under them.

In Metamorphose, the ability to change from one form to another also illustrates the use of supernatural powers to alter a person’s body shape and appearance to achieve the desired effects (Ackroyd & Chaucer, 2009).a

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