Boys Don’t cry

This is a true story based on Faao Si Lincoln City in Nebraska territory. A boy by the name Brandon, which means Tina popular, leaves this city as his homeland. However, ” behind was hidden a dirty little secret”. Actually, he has never had a Shen, he and his family live 75 miles away from Faao Si Lincoln City. His real name is Tina. Brandon was a girl, but her face resembles that of a boys. She gets worried as other boys fall in love with other girls and none approaches her. She gets confused about her sexual orientation and she desired to start a new life. Lana is the person who changed her life. Since the first encounter with her, there were signs of adoration and not after long they fall in love with each other. Brandon also became friends with Lana’s ex-boyfriend John. John and his best friend Tom have a criminal record. They gathered a bunch of wild men, were abusing alcohol day and night when they accepted Brandon. When she exposed her true gender status, all changed. John and Tom felt humiliated. Their anger is the main cause of rapid explosion to a bloody violent crime. They raped and brutally killed Brandon. When I finished watching this film, where I was in a dark house, tears gradually ran down my cheeks. With shares of stagnation, I gradually began to understand what living conditions of classes of people are. Perhaps, people in that state have been subsided in the endless confusion, debauchery, out of control, boredom and emptiness. It is difficult to control, and one cannot escape. Think of Lanna’s phrase “if you like me living in the place of the truck surfing, so would you think some unspeakable emotion”. The relationship between people is very subtle though it seems to be friendly. It is a mixture of hatred, deceit and betrayal. The film left me with an impression of cruelty. There are many times when we just have to do harm to a man. Every time we try to fight for a change to this attitude, it turns out to be an open joke. However, here is the most annoying piece of the end. Lanna was awake all the day, but she kept leaning against the person where she died. I know it’s painful and can only be chosen to a dazzling sunshine. The following comparison is a bit ironic in that down “boy” better waits and visions for the travel. He does not always achieve such outcomes like Tom. He feels in his possession a knife and people could not bear to see. I do not know why such a society will become. We all desire to be sincere, but almost no one can. Social, moral, ethical, didactic and the so-called rules exist, but it is hard for one to become a person under the social shackles. Those who do not follow these rules appear to be fooled. Tina is also a victim of breaking social rules, though contrary to the conventional.

After watching the film I was touched and decided to research more about the issues. To start with, sexual orientation is innate, immutable, inborn heterosexual, lifelong heterosexual, gay and bisexual are of moral concern. This is the reason why the medical professionalism around the world of homosexuality has removed it from mental disorders. At the same time, this makes the comrades vigorous affirmative starting point. In the past, this people’s state of mind was known as “gender identity disorder”. However, the American Psychiatric Association after the study replaced this term. Gender inconsistent play like it is in the film, Brandon’s living as a man in the female shell is very painful. His aversion to the female body is the main cause of suffering. When he was with Lana’s former boyfriend, who is one of the people who accepted Brandon’s male identity, his heart was full of strong feeling and sense of belonging. However, when he was raped by the bullies, physical pain was inflicted on him and counted as abnormal heart pain which worsened the situation.

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This is a story about transgender people. In addition to the gender confusion and homosexuality, the father and son shared “abnormal” emotional narrative in the warmest and blandest manner. The hero has been expected to become a real woman. He said that Indians called people like him “the people who lived with two souls” in the body. This desire has strong opposition from the outside world though the family is so strong. Doctors agreed to conduct the operation on him when one claims to be his son. The son is a beautiful boy, like a fallen Hell’s Angel. Contrary to Germany’s stepfather, mother of the suicided gay bears growing experience, but layers of darkness remain crystal clear at her heart. It stays a little bit pathetic in a long time. The encounter leaves hero overwhelmed a little bit by concerns, but also overjoyed to carefully follow and return with the fear of being discarded again. The hero actually has not been able to accept the son. He looks strong, in fact, there was hidden in enormous pressure and he is not ready to accept the true self. He did not dare to disclose his transgender identity due to the fear of opposition from people around. He told the doctor that he has no family. However, it is impossible to plan for other people without their knowledge. According to the son, he learned French, biology, art, literature and a wide range of disciplines in the college. He took the son to a friend’s house for shelter. Transgender people held a party in the friend’s house and did not scare away the child. Instead, they also got along well. After understanding the identity of transgender people, he ran into serious admiration, love and understanding of the family, including his son’s love. He has not only been in a female shell but accepted the soul of the woman, too. The movie is entertaining, thrilling and educational. The movie arouses emotions, transforming them into verbal expression.


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As complex as the society of the 21st century, Stanley’s fuzzy transgenderism is full of the sense of uncertainty. Homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, transgender and other fresh things are on the stage leading position. In particular, neutral trend is a scourge to dominate the global. I support the madrigal style of living as an agricultural society of Confucian culture. The dramatic impacts on his legs when the men’s women play in the Super Girl tomboy are hair, strode off the image, never a classic beauty and staggering men. Lamentation on the degeneration of public morality is worth since beauty is no longer there. How does real woman look like?

“Transamerica” provides us with a room for thinking. The argument is that whether you are born a woman, or artificial, you can only be a woman when your heart strongly urges the need to have a woman’s passion and treasure to do the woman’s identity and rights. Is there an impeccable woman? The end of the movie is quite warm and shows how Buli is determined to learn the language of Mexico. Maybe, he will go back to that around in New Mexico. Toby comes to tell Buli that he became a film actor and invites her to see his film. The choice is their own, as long as it does not interfere with other people’s interests. What we need is respect and understanding.

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