During athletic competitions, drinking water is used a lot. Our company intends to bring to the market mineralized drinking water that will target both purchase from the spectator and the athlete. It is always observed that many people attend the Olympic Games. Therefore, there is a tendency of congestion especially on the side benches that it makes it difficult to access drinking water. Also, carrying water around might be so cumbersome. The canteens in the stadium are at time flocked with long queues that it becomes boring to buy thing s like water.

Therefore, our company is deploying many sale agents that will be well distributed all over the stadia. It is also working with the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and the security officers to allow them access to the stands to sell the water.

There are a number of factors that influence consumer behavior in such settings and we have not ignored them. We have ensured that the quality of the product is good. Tests and trials have been done and surveys conducted to ensure that the mineral ingredients of the water are not compromised. Also, research was done on the various doping agents in the athletic field. This was to avoid including any of the substances in the water so that the athletes do not erroneously test positive for doping. The bottling comes in varying sizes, from 500 milliliters to 2 liters. This will enable the buyers to have a range of choice on what suits them best.

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Promotional Strategies

First, celebrity advertising was considered and highly recommended since this is a sports event. Many people will trend to associate themselves with some certain athletes, especially good performing ones. Though the method is expensive it has its massive returns. Well-known athletes were chosen and given instructions as to what to say in the advertisements. Care was taken not to exaggerate the properties of the product and giving wrong information about the water. This would lead to a breach of the laws of advertising.

Publicity was also a key strategy in placing the company in front in terms of competition. The company agreed to sponsor the event by giving the athletes water. It also gave some participants merchandise such as T-shirts, caps and wrist bands. This was in a bid to make them help to popularize and familiarize the participant s of the product.

Banners and billboard advertising was affected. Billboards were erected around the stadium giving information about the products. The billboard had to be big, eye appealing and strategically placed. This would enable it to catch the attention of many people who would then get the information about the product.

Personal selling was also a key feature in our marketing strategy. Participants will find it more convenient to buy water if it was availed to them at the stands than walking all the way to queue in stadia canteens. The sales people had to be polite and equipped with etiquette skills. This was viewed to be customer appealing as every person like to be treated with respect. There was also promotional discount s available. Purchase of two 2 liter bottles of water automatically earned a buyer another 500-milliliter bottle. This ensured that the 2-liter bottle, which was produced in plenty, had good sales and ensured maximum returns.

Media advertising in television stations and other media channels were done to ensure that the consumers had enough awareness of the product. This was coupled with promotional gifts and competitions. The placed some lucky numbers on a few bottles of the water. It then encouraged the consumers to buy the water and uncover the stickers on the bottle tops on the inside to see whether they have a lucky number. The number would enable them to get genuine sports merchandise from popular athletes like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps for free. Since many spectators would like to associate themselves with certain athletes, this method would ensure that many bottles are bough for one to have that opportunity.


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Licensing and Branding Opportunities

The Coca Cola Company offered licensing opportunities. This is a company that has a vast market worldwide. It has customers who are very loyal since they adhere to terms of producing high-quality products. Due to their lengthy presence in the market, it has also earned them mileage in the market. The licensing deal would ensure that our sales people get the required training in sales. Highly technological equipment for water processing, distilling and purifying were also made available for the company. This ensured that the product met the consumers’ expectations. Also, the company allowed us rights and patents to use their logos and trademarks. Just associating with Coca Cola Company and having their logos on our bottling allowed us great advantages in the market. The buyers were keen to try this product as they had the idea that it was a Coca Cola product had obtained licensing rights to produce the products. Virtually it was true since the company had obtained the rights to produce the water under the name. Also, the technical team from the Coca Cola Company helped in expertise advice and information on the production of distilled water. This ensured that the product did not compromise their credibility in the market.

All these efforts would then ensure that the product had high returns. It also strategically placed the company in the Asian market.

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