The Daily Show is a very popular television show which is broadcast on Fox News Channel. Jon Stewart is a star of the show, the presenter of the leading TV program in the United States in the genre of political satire. The show is watched by thousands of people and is shown for more than ten years. Jon Stewart is an integral part of the political comedy; the sense of humor and his easy behavior dispose guests of The Daily Show to an open conversation. The variety of the invited guests is huge; it can be a famous politician or cinema star, scientist or pop star. Jokes and ability to smooth the situation capture the attention of the audience and people with different passions and thoughts are desperate to get on TV screens to be shown in the favorite show.

Groups of people that are lucky to participate in the TV show can be disappointed due to the manner of behavior that they are treated. Long ticket queues, derogatory attitude, and cold platforms are not the main disadvantages of such kind of participation. To get the ticket to the show, person needs to wait about four-five hours, whereas the weather is not always sunny and hot. Usually, people stand on the streets when weather conditions are not suitable, it is frosty and windy. Moreover, everybody is checked like at the airports and personal things can be taken for the time period of the show.


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The biggest stereotype about the group of people the show has is that people are paid for it, which it is not true. Every big fan of The Daily Show and Jon Stewart dream to be present during the filming of the program and are ready to stay in the long queue to get the ticket. The second deceptive thing is a desire for the fame: there is a thought that people want to get on TV in search of glory. In some cases this is true, but there is a very small opportunity to make dreams come true. The duration of The Daily Show is about thirty minutes, therefore, the possibility to become famous on the show is not big.

The Daily Show is a brilliant TV program in the U.S.A. About ten years it has kept the audience in curiosity and the quantity of its supporters is only increasing. Additionally, such groups of people who want to see the whole process of making the TV show is not decreasing. Famous people need to be spoken, shows are interested in high ratings and the audience likes the action: everyone gets a benefit from the cooperation. The participants of the show always stay satisfied because of the opportunity to be seen, talk with different people, no matter what they have to do on the show. Nowadays the desire for glory dominates among all other things like morality and honor.

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